caring for grass in winter

Caring for your Lawn during the Winter Frost

caring for grass in winterKingsport, TN

The cold temperatures in the winter can be damaging for your lawn due to frost collecting on the blades of grass. Although it can be a sparkly sight to see when the sunlight hits the ice particles, it can damage your lawn if you do not monitor your lawn’s condition through winter. From pets and kids to lawn parked cars during the holidays, you can help your lawn survive and thrive by avoiding some common mistakes during the winter months.

Frost Facts

Before frost can form, there are several conditions that need to be met. The surface temperature must fall below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. A cloudy sky will help the Earth keep warm like it is covered with a blanket. However, a clear sky will help reduce the temperature at night, setting up perfect conditions for frost to form. Wind, or a lack thereof, is also a contributing factor. If the wind moves slowly and gently across the ground, the cold wind does not have a chance to settle. However, if the air is still, the cold will reach the surface, causing frost. The last condition is the level of humidity in the air. The air can hold up to one hundred percent of water causing it to condense into liquid form. Add the water to the cold air, and voila! Frost.

Stay Off the Lawn

Even though the “crunch” sound you hear seems cool when walking over your grass that has frost on it, it is very damaging to your lawn. When frost forms on the grass, the blades become very rigid, and when you step on it, the blades cells will rupture. Then, the damage will appear as a leaf discoloration that will eventually give way to a tan or brown color. 

To keep your lawn looking great when the frost is over, stay off your grass to prevent breakage. Use the driveway and walkways to navigate your property. Also, keep pets on a leash to help guide them on the walkways and keep them off the grass as well.

Test Your Grass

There is a simple test you can do that will help you determine whether it is safe to walk on your lawn. Simply wipe the surface of the grass with your bare hand. If your hand stays dry from the moment you begin wiping with your hand until you finish, the frost is still solid and can be damaging when you walk on it. However, if your hand becomes moist with water, the frost has begun to melt, and you may walk across the lawn without fear of breaking the blades of grass.

When caring for your lawn during a winter frost, sometimes you need an expert opinion or advice to ensure your lawn remains beautiful all year long. Contact Promier Landscapes in Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol, Tennessee, by calling (423) 246-7977 to speak with a lawn care professional who can answer all of your questions. Or, feel free to find out more information by visiting our website at