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Exploring 4 Types of Fast-Growing Grass

fast growing grassKingsport, TN

Learning how to grow lush, green grass doesn’t come easy. Many homeowners learn landscaping and grass growing tips by trial and error. But it can be devastating to spend time and money on getting your grass to grow, only to realize it may take months or even a year later before you see the results that you want. Today on the blog, Kingsport’s leading landscapers at Promier Landscapes explore four types of fast-growing grass so you can decide what to seed your lawn with this upcoming spring.

Perennial Ryegrass

If you’re wondering what grass type grows the fastest, it’s perennial ryegrass. Typically, this grass seed will sprout within 10 days of seeding. It’s considered a warm and cold season grass, which makes it ideal to seed in East Tennessee. It produces vibrant, green grass with a fine texture. Homeowners also use perennial ryegrass to overseed during the winter and can be used to suppress weeds.

Annual Ryegrass

Similar to perennial ryegrass, it also takes less than 10 days to sprout. With an upright, coarse texture, it produces lime-colored grass leaves. Shallow roots, however, require that this grass is water often, especially during drier parts of the year. One thing to note about annual ryegrass is that it grows best during the winter and tends to die off during late spring to early summer.

Fine-Leaf Fescue

Fescue seeds germinate in about 10 days as well and is known as one of the most popular grasses to grow in Kingsport. Fine-leaf fescue requires that the soil be appropriately aerated and moist for optimal growing. Its delicate leaves make it suitable for walking barefoot and can easily be compared to Kentucky Bluegrass.

Kentucky Bluegrass

Another popular grass seed to sow in Kingsport, the Kentucky Bluegrass, grows quickly during the spring, fall, and winter. However, Kentucky Bluegrass seed takes a little longer to germinate compared to the other options, clocking in between 2-4 weeks before it sprouts. However, intense heat may cause the grass to go dormant during the summer.


Known as a cold-season grass, bentgrasses require routine watering or irrigation, mowing, aerating, and dethatching. It can be costly to maintain a lawn of bentgrasses, although their seeds sprout in about two weeks. However, bentgrasses aren’t referred to as primary turfgrass because it doesn’t do well in the summer heat. It’s a common grass for tennis and golf courses, although most homeowners choose a fast-growing grass type that requires less maintenance.

There are other popular grass seed choices to sow on your Kingsport lawn. However, some may take longer to germinant and sprout. If you aren’t sure which grass type is best for your lawn, contact a professional landscaper in the Tri-Cities to help. Our landscapers can not only make recommendations for growing the best lawn in the neighborhood, but we also provide lawn care maintenance, from installing automatic irrigation systems to weekly grass cutting services in Kingsport. To learn more, please contact Promier Landscapes by calling (423) 246-7977.