grass cutting 101

Grass Cutting 101

grass cutting 101Kingsport, TN

If you own a home, then that means you have a lawn that needs to be taken care of on a regular basis. Having a well-maintained lawn also enhances the “curb appeal” of your home, raising property value. Many homeowners choose to maintain their own lawn. If you are one of them, your lawn-care experts at Promier Landscapes want to help with this “Grass Cutting 101” guide to regular yard maintenance in Kingsport.

How high should you cut your grass?

The ideal height for a cool-season grass is approximately 2 ½ inches. Every time you mow, you only should remove the top third of the grass blade—and you should wait to mow until your grass is at least 3 and 2/3 inches high. Make sure to stick to these guidelines during the fall and spring. In the summer, when mowing usually is more frequent, it always is better to cut too little of the grass, rather than too much. Your Kingsport lawn experts at Promier Landscapes recommend setting your mower to a higher setting when the weather starts to warm up, and then just continue to mow at that height until the fall season arrives.

To help cut your grass at the recommended height, draw a line across one of the tires of your lawn mower, along with an arrow to indicate which direction is up and down. That way, if you are wondering if the time is right to mow, you can just wheel out your mower to see where the grass level stands in relation to the drawn line.

Why is 2 ½ inches the preferred height for your grass?

It’s all about balance. A regular mowing schedule stimulates grass growth, resulting in a lawn that is healthier and more attractive. Cutting grass too short, however, can be stressful for your grass and ultimately do damage to your lawn. Make sure your mowing schedule is based on the height of the grass, not the calendar. Just mowing every week or every other week, for example, does not factor in the growing conditions such as rainfall amount.

No two lawns are alike

The 2 1/2-inch recommendation is just that… a recommendation. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to lawn care. Some experts suggest keeping your grass about 3 inches tall during the warmer weather, as the extra shading may inhibit crabgrass and help keep it in check. By the time you return to cutting your grass to the shorter, 2 1/2-inch height, those morning frosts will have killed any fledgling crabgrass attempting to grow.

Grass Cutting Services in the Tri-Cities

You also can eliminate any potential guesswork and hire a professional lawn care company in the Tri-Cities like Promier Landscapes to do the work for you. Our yard experts know how often grass should be cut, to what length, and use our professional-grade equipment and years of experience to produce beautiful results. Call us at (423) 246-7977 to learn more about our landscaping services.

Promier Landscapes serves the lawn care needs of residential and commercial customers in the areas of Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol in Tennessee.