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The Best Grass for Pets

grass for petsKingsport, TN

Many (if not most) of us share our homes and yards with furry, four-legged family members. Our pets, while fundamental parts of our lives, often require extra care for our homes and lawns. Which grass varieties are the best for pets while also promoting a healthy, lush lawn? Our lawn care professionals at Promier Landscapes in Kingsport are diving into that very subject today:

How do pets cause lawn damage?

Pets cause a lot of wear and tear on a lawn. Dogs love to run, and many of them are heavy diggers. But perhaps the most damage to a lawn is done through pooches relieving themselves. Not unlike fertilizer burn, dog urine naturally contains high amounts of nitrogen and related salts and can burn grass, leaving behind bare spots or discolored areas. If a dog uses one area of the lawn more than others, you will likely run into the need to repair areas of grass. 

Which grass handles pets best? 

Cool-season grass — Tall fescue and bluegrass are two cold-season, dog-friendly grass varieties that grow well in Tennessee. Because of their deep roots, they perform well under heavy foot traffic. Unlike tall fescue, bluegrass spreads by rhizomes, so it can naturally heal damaged spots from dog waste and activity. Tall fescue tolerates drought and high temperatures better than bluegrass.

Warm-season grass — Bermuda grass provides a great, lush play area for our four-legged family members. Being anchored deep into the ground with strong, sturdy roots, it’s known to stand up to wear and tear. Bermuda grass is also known to grow very quickly.

Create a pet-friendly lawn 

While Fido can wreak havoc on a lawn, there are ways to strike a balance between love for a four-legged family member and enjoying a lush, healthy lawn. Our lawn care specialists at Promier Landscapes have helped people like you in the Tri-cities area for two decades create and maintain beautiful, lush, weed-free lawns and landscaping. For more information, call (423) 723-8598, or fill out the form on the website to reach us online today.