why does my grass have brown patches

Why does my Grass have Brown Patches?

why does my grass have brown patchesKingsport, TN

Brown patches in the grass can be disheartening to homeowners. The patches often stand out among the green blades and could be an indication of a severe condition. In the quest for a lush, green lawn, nursing the turf back to health is the best solution once you understand why you have brown patches. The Kingsport experienced landscapers at Promier Landscapes explain below three reasons why you may have brown patches and what you can do to achieve a healthy, lush lawn for the summer.

Brown Patch Symptoms

A Brown patch is an area of your lawn that browns in circle form ranging from a few inches to several feet in diameter. Property owners often attempt to water the area believing it is dry because the soil lacks moisture. However, when there are no results, they turn to professional lawn care experts in Johnson City to help determine the cause of the brown patches.

Causes of Brown Patches

Brown patches on your lawn can be an eyesore and decrease your home’s curb appeal. However, with careful identification of the problem, developing an attack plan can restore healthy green grass. Below are three possible causes of brown patches.

  1. Turf Disease

Multiple turf diseases exist that can change your lawn color. Diseases often caused by fungi living in the soil and thatch that become active with high moisture or humidity can cause color changes on your lawn. For example, the presence of a cobwebby fungal growth is scientifically called mycelium. Another cause is Rhizoctonia Blight, where the fungus Rhizoctonia solani is common in hot weather turfs and damages creeping bentgrass, fescue, annual bluegrass, and perennial ryegrass. Experienced landscapers in Bristol agree, even though turf disease sounds serious, most cases should disappear as environmental conditions improve. However, in some severe cases, a fungicide application is necessary to restore lawn health.

  1. Shade

Sunlight is crucial to your lawn’s health and vitality. Most turfgrass species require significant sunlight of four to six hours per day. When a lack of sunlight reaches the grass, you may notice thinning and a reduction in the rich green color. After a prolonged lack of sun exposure, brown patches may form. The lawn care professionals in Kingsport at Promier Landscapes recommend heavily pruning trees or bushes around the area to restore sunlight and encourage new growth.

  1. Insect Damage

Destructive insects that love consuming grass are a real threat to your turf. For example, cinch bugs can destroy your property within a matter of days. A key warning sign of possible insect activity is the rapid discoloration of your grass. Once you notice the change, water the area well, and if there is no change, you may have an insect infestation. Most Tri-City homeowners hire a trusted landscape company in Johnson City to analyze and treat lawn insect infestations. With knowledgeable lawn care experts, you can rid your lawn of pests and restore it to health.

Prevention and Control Tips

Caring for your lawn reaches beyond mowing it during the growing seasons. Restoring health to areas ravaged by disease, a lack of nutrients from no sunlight, or overcoming insects is achieved with regular lawn care services from a Bristol landscaping expert. In addition, through a process of aeration and fertilization, your lawn could have better drainage and more strength.

To address brown patches on your lawn, you can withhold water from the affected areas until the soil dries. Then, water deep and infrequently in the morning, allowing the grass blades and soil to dry before dusk. Finally, mow the lawn frequently at the highest setting with a razor-sharp edge on the blade. You can also control brown patches with fungicides applied every 21 to 28 days from May through September for best results.

Landscapers in Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol, Tennessee

Work smart, not hard, on your lawn this summer and seek the assistance of qualified lawncare experts in Kingsport at Promier Landscapes. Our landscapers can direct your next move in improving the health and appearance of your lawn so that you have an enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing yard for massive curb appeal. To ask questions about brown patches or inquire about landscaping maintenance, feel free to call Promier Landscapes at (423) 246-7977 or contact us online today.