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5 Ways Hardscape can Transform your Outdoor Space

hardscapes can transform outdoorKingsport, TN

You probably know about landscaping if you own your home, but what about hardscape? This term is used to refer to any non-living component on your outdoor space: a patio, a walkway, a fire pit, or even a few strategically placed river rocks. Hardscape can add so much to the look and function of your landscape, while also creating a sense of fluidity that carries over from the interior of your home to your yard by maintaining some of your interior design concepts and elements. Promier Landscapes wants to examine five ways that hardscapes can transform your outdoor space.

1) Patios

Maybe you want a secluded space to lounge on a sun-soaked day with some music or a good book. Or perhaps you plan to host family and friends on a regular basis. No matter your intentions, a patio is the most versatile outdoor living space, providing an area to relax and entertain that also can add to the market value of your home. If you are adding a patio or remodeling an existing patio, consider the purpose of any additions and any future functions while planning the work. If you intend to add an outdoor kitchen, for example, make sure the design and foundation incorporate the electrical and plumbing needs that will be required.

2) Fire Pits

It doesn’t matter if you are making S’mores on a summer night or just spending time around an open fire on a crisp, fall evening—fire pits are great for bringing people together. Adding a fire pit to your yard is relatively inexpensive, and a fire pit can be made out of an assortment of different materials (brick, stone, various metals, etc.) to fit with the existing aesthetic of your landscape.

3) Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens have been one of the exciting new trends to transform a backyard. Forget what you think you know about cooking outdoors over a grill. An outdoor kitchen is modern, sleek, and functional with sinks, counters, refrigeration, icemakers, and even pizza ovens—in addition to the traditional grill. Plus, adding an outdoor kitchen to your property can become a great feature if you later decide to sell your home.

4) Retaining Walls

Looking to add texture and color to your landscape? Maybe you need a border on a sloped area of ground, or just want something to accent the garden bed you’ve worked so hard to tend. In any of these situations, a retaining wall can be a great choice. Our designers can construct an aesthetically appealing wall that is functional and beautiful.

5) Water features

A water feature can turn a pretty normal-looking yard into a breathtaking outdoor space. Maybe you want something dramatic like a waterfall or a fountain. Or, you’re looking for a place to provide serenity like a koi pond. No matter what you desire, whether small or large, Promier Landscapes can incorporate a water feature that fits the design of your landscape as well as your personal style.

Hardscaping in Kingsport

Maybe you want to make your property more accessible by adding a pathway or sidewalk. Some strategically placed hardscape such as stones and concrete can prevent erosion, especially on any sloping ground. Hardscape can add so much to your outdoor space, but working with it can be a challenge. Installing hardscape incorrectly can become a real hassle to correct. Why not let the pros at Promier Landscapes do it for you? We offer an extensive array of different hardscape services. To learn more, call our office at (423) 246-7977.

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