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Celebrate Memorial Day on Your Custom Patio

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Memorial Day is a special holiday to remember those who have bravely fought for the United States and the freedom they protect. Although Memorial Day during 2020 is facing challenges with stay-at-home orders in several states keeping friends and neighbors apart, having an intimate barbeque on the back patio is still possible with your immediate family members who live in the home. With a custom-designed patio from your landscape designers in the Tri-Cities area, Promier Landscapes, social distancing will be easy and comfortable on your new patio this Memorial Day. To get you started with some ideas for your new custom patio, Promier Landscapes is sharing some elements that will help your space come alive and be ready for when it safe for friends, neighbors, and extended family members to join you.

  • Cover Your Patio – Covering your new custom patio is essential to keep the elements from invading your new relaxing space. Whether that means adding a roof extension, a detached pergola, or an awning, protecting the space safe from the harsh sun and rain keeps the area cool and dry for year-round use.
  • Install the Right Heating Elements – Using your new custom patio should not be just for warm sunny days. For the most use, installing heating elements could keep the space toasty on those chilly nights we’ve experienced this May. A fire pit is a shared patio heating element that provides heat, design, and a focal point. In addition to the fire pit option, consider heaters that hang from the ceiling or are wall-mounted to keep the space cozy and warm. To help keep the heat from escaping, your custom patio company in Kingsport, Promier Landscapes, recommends using some well-placed drapes to keep the wind from stealing the heat and partially enclose the space.
  • Add Speakers for Ambiance – Setting the mood could be as simple as choosing the right music for the occasion. Investing in waterproof speakers that are installed or opting for a Bluetooth compatible option could boost the mood of the gathering or help everyone relax and enjoy each other’s company.
  • Plant Trees – Trees can be helpful, natural additions to your custom outdoor space. Trees help keep harsh sun rays from heating your patio, so the area stays cool in the hot summer months. Your professional landscape company in Johnson City, Promier Landscapes can help you choose the best type of trees for the surrounding area either during the design process or after the patio is complete.
  • Quality Seating Means Comfort – Your new custom patio may look beautiful, but if the seating area is not comfortable, it will be challenging to spend a long time outdoors in comfort. The key to finding the best patio furniture is to look for multifunctional pieces designed to withstand the outdoor elements. Remember, the furniture needs to be useful and comfortable, whether it is 20 degrees or 100 degrees.
  • Lighting – From string lights to lanterns, the choice made for lighting your new custom patio could help set the mood. Using bright lights for an all-out celebration could provide a festive vibe, while candles and lanterns could offer a more subdued, relaxing experience. However, your custom patio professionals in Bristol at Promier Landscapes recommend using more than one lighting option to provide a smooth transition based on the purpose of using the space.

Custom Patios in Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol, Tennessee

Celebrating any occasion on your new custom patio could be your new norm. With elegantly placed paved features custom-designed for your back yard and personal style, your patio is sure to be the envy of the neighborhood. Contact the leading custom patio company in the Tri-Cities area, Promier Landscapes, today to schedule a consultation to design your new patio suitable to your lifestyle. Feel free to call (423) 246-7977 or contact us online to achieve outdoor profection!