Irrigation Winterization

T he main purpose of winterizing a sprinkler system is to keep components from breaking. Damage occurs when water freezes and expands inside sprinklers, pipes and valves. Therefore, enough water has to be drained from the system to prevent breakage before cold weather hits. “How much drainage is enough?” The general rule of thumb is more than 50% of the water should be drained to protect a sprinkler system from freeze damage, but since water may collect in some areas rather than draining evenly, a system is not completely free of the risk of freezing as long as any water remains. Therefore, the best way to winterize an irrigation system is to mechanically introduce air into the system to push the water out. This method is called “blowing out” the sprinkler system.

Blowing out irrigation systems can be a dangerous job, call upon the East Tennessee experts at Promier Landscapes for your biannual irrigation system service and winterization service. It is essential to properly protect your investment in your irrigation system from winter damage caused by freezing temperatures. Without proper professional preparation your system has many points at which costly damage may occur. Winterization before the first freeze is the best way to prevent damage to equipment and added repair expense.
At Promier Landscapes we do a detailed job of safely winterizing your irrigation system.  Our procedures include:
•    Air compressor pressure is adjusted to the range of normal water pressures. This prevents damage to your heads and pipe.
•    A 100-185 cfm compressor fully pushes all water from your pipe, valves and heads. No water remains to freeze damage your system.
•    Heads are inspected for abnormal air bubble leaks as the work is being performed, if conditions permit.
•    The system is reviewed as it is being winterized for heads that don’t work, too low, crooked, obstructed by landscaping, and need spring service.
•    Notes are made for items needing spring service and are shared with you.
•    Spring service items are entered in your file to be scheduled and performed next spring.