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3 Reasons to Mulch this Spring

mulch this springKingsport, TN

It’s almost spring here in middle Tennessee. Soon, local nurseries will be flooded with customers as they purchase plants, soil, and garden supplies to gear up for spring planting. There is one landscaping trick you must know about – mulching. Whether you are maintaining landscape in Kingsport, or looking to hire a professional grass cutter in Johnson City, check out these three reasons why you should mulch this spring.

First, what is mulch anyways?

Mulch usually consists of organic materials such as wood chips, leaves, grass clippings, peat moss, bark chips, or pine straw. Sometimes it can be made from manure or compost, and is meant to be spread around the base of trees and other plants and shrubs.

Here are three main reasons to mulch this spring!

  1. Prevents Erosion

Ulmulched soil makes it vulnerable to the elements like rain, wind, and splatter from sprinkler systems. These forces easily can cause erosion, which leaves plant and tree roots exposed, and eventually could kill them. This could mean that your investment, and your hard work, were all for not.

Erosion also causes the soil to lose valuable nutrients, which plants need to thrive and maintain health. Adding mulch helps prevent erosion, and locks in the necessary nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen that your plants and trees need. No matter where you live, mulch is necessary to keep your plants healthy!

It’s important to note that significant grades or slopes in your landscape may wash mulch away if the proper barriers are not in place. You may need to add a drainage system or even hardscapes along the edges of your flowerbeds to prevent mulch from washing away in a downpour.

  1. Retains Moisture

While nutrients are necessary for the health of your plants, water also is essential. Mulch provides a barrier that retains moisture for your plants. Without it, plants and trees are more likely to bake in the sun, especially during the hot, dry summer. Mulching can be especially helpful for flowerbeds that receive direct sun during the hottest part of the day. It helps protect the roots, and prevents plants from wilting and dying.

Be sure to water your landscape and flowerbeds regularly. While mulch helps retain moisture, it does not mean you can go days on end during the summer within giving your landscape a good sprinkle.

  1. Stops Weed Growth

Weeds germinate when they receive sunlight. Therefore, mulch prevents the sun from reaching the soil, germinating weeds. This can be especially beneficial for flowerbeds, where you probably spend a lot of time crouched over pulling weeds to protect your plants. Mulch will help, although not entirely prevent, weeds from returning.

You still may need to take other precautions to prevent weeds, but it may be best to speak with a professional to assess your landscape and recommend the best weed elimination tactic for your yard.

Professional Landscaping in Kingsport

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