tips for watering lawn

4 Eco-Friendly Tips to Water your Lawn

tips for watering lawnKingsport, TN

It is no secret that we received record-breaking rainfall here in middle Tennessee as of late. The really crazy part is that spring hasn’t even begun! Before you go investing in a houseboat, remember that the long, hot, and usually quite dry summer, will be here before you know it, and as much as we hate to admit, we will probably wish for some of this rain again….ok, may not!

Despite heavy rain, there will come a time when we don’t get as much rain as we need, and you will either find yourself standing out in your yard watering your landscape with a garden hose, use a sprinkler, or maybe you prefer to have a sprinkler system professionally installed in Kingsport. Here are four eco-friendly tips for watering your lawn.

  1. Go with high efficiency

While a traditional sprinkler may seem to do the trick, they often deliver water inefficiently and end up wasting more water than you realize. Certain sprinklers can reduce water usage by up to 30%! For instance, sprinklers with heart-shaped heads produce a fine mist, provide better water coverage, and conserve water.

  1. Water at the right time of day

If you choose to water your lawn during the heat of the day, you could end up wasting gallons and gallons of water because the hot sun dries it up before the water has a chance to seep into the ground. Instead, water during the morning before the mercury rises. Avoid watering in the evening, however, because it can lead to your grass or plants to develope diseases since the water may not have time to soak in before the sun sets.

  1. Install weather sensor

Installing a weather sensor is a great way to conserve water when using a sprinkler. The sensor can sense when rainfall begins, and therefore, shuts off the sprinkler to conserve water. Why waste water you are paying for when you can get it for free from rain? A weather sensor is fairly inexpensive considering how much money it could save you in the long run.

  1. Install a rain barrel

Rain barrels can be great for collecting rainfall, and storing the water to use at a later time. Rainwater doesn’t cost you anything, and you won’t have to pay for sewer fees on watering your plants, if you live within the city and usually get stuck with that monthly charge. You can use water from your rain barrel to water potted plants. Rain barrels are easy to install, require a relatively small investment, and can be capped with a protective screen to keep debris, and bugs out, which especially helps reduce mosquitos!

It is quite easy to go green when it comes to watering your lawn. A few dollars spent here and there can save you money in the long run, and those dollars add up. At Promier Landscapes, our professionals can recommend landscaping ideas to fit any budget. If you’d like to learn more about our services or sprinkler system installation in Kingsport, Johnson City, or Bristol, please call us at (423) 246-7977.