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Gardening Tips

gardening tipsKingsport, TN

As the mercury rises, your garden, and probably you, begin to droop from the excessive heat that we experience here in Tennessee. Although some gardening chores are best left for cooler temperatures, your garden still needs attention especially when it is hot outside.

Here are some gardening tips to help you beat the heat this summer, and keep your garden full of life.

  • It’s all about the timing – Instead of gardening according to your calendar, garden according to your climate. As you are well aware, seasons vary in Tennessee. Sometimes we have mild winters and summers, and sometimes it is the opposite. Choose plants based on the temperature that makes them thrive, not by what the calendar says.
  • Choose wisely – Be sure to choose plants that are heat tolerant. Ideal vegetables and plants for summer planting are butter beans, okra, cherry tomatoes, watermelon, black-eyed susans, hibiscus, daylilies, succulents, and pines. Also, be mindful how the sun hits your landscape. If a plant requires full sun, choose an area that provides the most sun during the day, and vice versa.
  • Water enough – Instead of soaking your plants until the soil is soggy, water your lawn with one-inch of water at a time. If the weather is exceptionally dry, water more often and increase the frequency, not the amount of water. Also, it is best to water in the morning, if possible, to prevent fungal diseases from developing on your grass, plants, or soil.
  • Get rid of garden pests – Spider mites particularly love this hot weather. To prevent them from setting up camp on your plants, spray your plants with water to remove these pesky insects.
  • Weeds be gone – No matter the temperature, weeds will always need attention. Always try your best to stay on top of this chore so that you are not overwhelmed with gardening work.
  • Apply mulch – To help keep the soil cooler, apply some mulch in areas that need it. If you discover that plants are not responding well to the summer heat, try adding well-composted mulch to cool them down and retain moisture for the plant.

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