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Is your Sprinkler System Ready for Warm Weather

sprinkler ready for springKingsport, TN

Sprinklers are a modern gardener’s dream. Sure, you could do the same thing with a garden hose, but that can be time-consuming and waste your water while also being less convenient for your needs. Sprinklers are the single most effective way to automate your lawn’s hydration needs so that it stays healthy and green. With the spring season about to creep in, you should probably consider that your sprinkler has needs, too. If you’ve managed to not hit your sprinkler heads while mowing, then you only have two other sprinkler concerns: winterizing and de-winterizing. With the spring fast on our heels, here are some tips from Promier Landscapes on how to get your sprinklers de-winterized for the warm weather in your not-so-distant future.

Follow these five steps to de-winterize your sprinkler system

Step 1: Check your lawn for frozen ground

This will ensure that none of your lines become broken during the startup process. If your ground is cold enough to freeze your sprinkler lines, then it is cold enough to freeze the water in them. Waiting until your soil thaws can make you impatient, but it’s a necessary step for safety. The easiest way to tell if your ground is frozen is by taking a shovel and digging a hole about a foot deep somewhere inconspicuous. This old-fashioned method will leave a minor hole while making sure you’re not trying to start your sprinklers too early.

Step 2: Turn on your control panel again

Think of your control panel as your sprinkler’s brain. When you turn on this control panel, you will need to review your settings. Then you should make sure the timing, irrigation, and date settings are all set correctly. There’s also a good chance you’ll need to replace the control panel’s battery. If you can’t remember changing the battery in the last six months, go ahead and do it now as a chance to start fresh—just like the spring you’re preparing for by going through this process.

Step 3: Clean your sprinkler heads

It’s called spring cleaning for a reason, so there’s no better time of year than now to inspect all sprinkler heads for damage. Find an old toothbrush or a scrub brush, and then thoroughly clean out all of your sprinkler heads and nozzles. This step will take the most time, but it will keep water flow even and prevent any backups from causing subsequent damage to your sprinkler system or yard.

Step 4: Open the main valve

Now it is time to open the floodgates… metaphorically speaking, that is. When opening your main valve the most important thing to remember is to do so slowly. If you open the valve too fast it could be a costly mistake: water and air will rush through the sprinkler system and create what is commonly known as a “water hammer.” This surge of pressure causes cracked pipes, broken valves, and occasionally a sprinkler head firework. Therefore, begin to wait until you hear a trickle of water. After several minutes, open your valve a couple of degrees more. Continue this process until your line is full. If you have branch lines, each individual line should be open just like the main one.

Step 5: Check all irrigation zones

Now that your water is flowing and ready to go, consider if you’ve made any changes to your landscaping since your sprinkler was last in use. If you haven’t this may not be a concern for you. If you have started your irrigation program at the sprinkler control panel on an individual program level, then do a full run through. Watch your sprinkler, so you’ll know if anything is acting up. Also, be sure you don’t notice any soggy spots where a pipe may have ruptured.

Sprinkler repair and irrigation service in Bristol, Kingsport

Sprinklers can be the most helpful tool in your arsenal for yard maintenance, but don’t forget that just like any tool, sprinklers have to be cared for properly if they’re expected to run at optimum efficiency. Your lawn and garden need to have proper hydration if they are going to survive another long, hot summer. A malfunction or breakdown of your sprinklers could undo months of hard work. If you are uncomfortable de-winterizing your sprinkler system or just want to have the professionals set up a fully functioning irrigation system on your property, then call Promier Landscapes at (423) 246-7977. One of our professional outdoor experts will be glad to come out and give an estimate.

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