plant azaleas for a pop of color

Plant Azaleas to Add a Splash of Color

plant azaleas for a pop of colorKingsport, TN

There is nothing quite like an azalea bush when it is in full bloom. Azaleas provide a fantastic splash of color to any spring garden, courtesy of their bright and vibrant blooms.

Azaleas have a reputation for being somewhat troublesome to grow and maintain, and this brightly colored plant has gotten somewhat of a bad rap. Here are a few tips that will help make growing azaleas easier when you add them to your landscape.

Try to plant azaleas in moist, but well-drained soil. This can be hard to find naturally but easy to create. An ideal location to plant azaleas would be under a tall canopy where the bush would receive bright sun in the morning but rest in the shade during the afternoon.

Soil preparation is crucial

Before planting an azalea bush, you will want to “amend” the soil by adding a soil conditioner. Dig a hole that is approximately twice as wide as the root structure of the plant, and about as deep. Mix the conditioner with the soil that you just removed from the hole. Place the plant so that the top of the root structure is just above the soil level of the ground, and then fill the hole with the conditioned soil.

One excellent choice for a soil conditioner is Mycorrhizae, which is a soil-born fungus. This fungus attaches to roots and takes a small amount of sugar from the plant, but in return gives the plant more nutrients and water than a plant’s roots can typically absorb. Plus, the fungus helps extend the plant’s root system.

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