The Whys and Hows of Lawn Aeration

Kingsport, TN

Keeping your lawn looking good requires regular maintenance. You have to mow the grass and make sure your turf receives enough fertilizer and water. Supplying those nutrients does not mean much if those nutrients are not able to reach the soil underneath your grass. Aeration can help those nutrients get where they need to go, penetrating through lawn thatch and built-up grass. Here is some more information on aeration, as provided by your Kingsport outdoor experts at Promier Landscapes.

Get the facts about aeration

Aeration is a process that entails making small holes in the soil, allowing air, water, and nutrients to reach down into the soil and penetrate the grass’s roots. This encourages the growth of the grass, producing a thicker and lusher lawn.

One of the main purposes of aeration is to safeguard against soil compaction. When soil becomes compacted, then it becomes difficult for air, water, and nutrients to circulate properly through the soil. The compaction of soil also can occur due to excess lawn thatch or having too much organic debris buried underneath the turf.

Find out if aeration is right for you

If your lawn gets heavy traffic, it can benefit from aeration. Having children and pets running around the yard can be a significant contributor to soil compaction.

Other factors that can determine if aeration would be recommended include if the lawn was established as part of a newly constructed home, as the grass likely is to be compacted by construction traffic. Also, if your lawn dries out easily and the turf has a spongy texture, which can be evidence of excessive thatch—defined as being thicker than a half-inch; and if the lawn contains soil layering.

Promier Landscapes who provides professional aeration in Kingsport, recommend that aeration be performed during the growing season. This way, the grass has time to heal from the perforations that are made in your lawn. If your lawn has cool-season grass, you should aerate in the early spring or fall. Homeowners with warm-season grass should aerate in the late spring.

Learn the do’s and don’ts of aeration 

Many homeowners have a do-it-yourself mentality that is admirable, but if you choose to aerate your own lawn, you run the risk of making a key error. For example, if you aerate a lawn that is too dry, it will be too difficult to make the perforations in the soil. You also need to be sure to run your aeration machine over the same areas multiple times, especially in the event of compaction; and be sure to break up excavated soil plugs.

Aeration Services in Bristol

Why not let the professionals at Promier Landscapes handle the job of aerating your lawn for you? We have access to commercial-quality tools and machines that get the job done in a fraction of the time that it takes most homeowners. We also can evaluate your lawn to determine the type of grass you have, whether you need aeration, and the exact ideal time to perform the aeration. To learn more about aeration in the Tri-Cities or any of the services we can perform to keep your lawn looking great and healthy all year, contact our office at (423) 246-7977 to receive a consultation from one of our lawn experts.

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