recover your lawn this fall

Tips for Recovering your Lawn this Fall

recover your lawn this fallKingsport, TN

The harsh summer sun and heat are long gone, and it’s officially fall. During the dog days of summer, your lawn could have suffered minor or even major damage from a lack of hydration and harsh temperatures. As the cooler temps settle in during the fall months, your lawn begins to recuperate and prepare for the winter and spring season ahead. The warm soil, cool air, and moisture in the atmosphere will contribute to the speed of recovery for your lawn and the lushness of your greenery in the spring.

Remember, the damage that your lawn has suffered through the summer heat will take some time to repair. Complete recovery will not happen overnight, especially if you have extensive damage to your lawn. Be proactive and commit to reviving your lawn by working on it season after season. After two to three growing seasons, your hard work will pay off with a gorgeous lawn. And, if you want to make it even easier, just call the pros at Promier Landscapes for a consultation. We will take care of all of your lawn maintenance for you.


Even though the harsh summers can cause some damage, most lawns can fully recover on their own. However, if the temperature remains too hot for too long and there is no moisture in the air for a long period of time, it will take longer for your lawn to return to its lush green color. When exposed to heat, drought, insect infestation, and disease for a long period of time, the effects of the damage can remain permanent. Regularly maintaining your lawn through mowing, watering, and fertilizing will help your grass recover faster in the fall and reduce the chance for permanent damage.

Minor Lawn Repair

Normally when small isolated areas or an area of less than 25 percent of your lawn becomes damaged and fails to self-repair, additional treatment may be needed. An inexpensive way to help your lawn recover without using heavy-duty lawn equipment is through seeding. Whether you have a single small space that needs special treatment or there are several patches, seeding can help your lawn restore itself to the lush green look that you desire.

Major Lawn Repair

When more than 25 percent of your lawn is damaged beyond recovery, full renovation repairs may be needed. Vertical slit seeding, installing fresh sod, and even starting from scratch with freshly fertilized soil are options for obtaining a green paradise once again. A large lawn renovation project will require large equipment, a significant amount of time, and an increase in expenses to replace your green grass.

There are several reasons why grass turns brown, but the most common ones are the summer heat and lack of water. When you nourish your yard as you would a household plant, it will grow strong roots, recover at a faster pace, and add beauty to your property. If you have brown or dead spots in your yard that you need to be repaired or inspected, feel free to reach out to Promier Landscapes at (423) 246-7977 to schedule an appointment in the Kingsport, Johnson City, or Bristol, Tennessee areas.