fall watering guide

Your Fall Watering Guide

fall watering guideKingsport, TN

Once the weather transitions from summer to autumn and growth of your lawn and plants begins to slow, many homeowners think they can stop watering until spring. The true solution depends on the type of plants you have. Your Kingsport landscaping experts at Promier Landscapes are here to help you solve the puzzle with this fall watering guide.

Different plants have different watering requirements

Shrubs and perennials may stop flowering, but the fall season is when the growth of their root system kicks into overdrive. Fall is the prime season for root growth since the soil is warm from the heat and extensive sunshine of the summertime. Factor in cooler nights and your plants’ roots will become more anchored into the earth—but only if they receive regular rainfall. A dry fall season can cause your plants to dry out, so you may need to water every week or two to encourage optimum root growth.

If it is warm and windy, you should keep watering 

Wind dries out plants, preventing fluids from flowing down to the roots and creating dehydrated tissue. This counters the natural instinct of plants as they transition from the growing season to the dormant season. This downward track of the fluids is why leaves fall off of plants as the weather cools. If rain ceases too early in the fall, leaves desiccate and dry out, which can stress your plants at a critical time. You can counter this stress by (you guessed it) watering.

Not all gardens need the same amount of water in the fall

Something as simple as the direction of orientation can play a factor in watering levels. South-facing plants, for example, need more water than the ones that face north. Plants that are newly installed also need more water than more established counterparts; the same goes for recent transplants or plants like evergreens that need special attention because they never go dormant even when weather is bad. Experts like the Johnson City gardeners on our team at Promier Landscapes can determine the best watering schedule based on the specific plants, conditions of the garden, and existing weather patterns.  

In most cases, you want to water right up until the first frost, which may not occur until November or even December depending on your local climate.

Fall lawn maintenance in Kingsport

At Promier Landscapes, we can remove all the hassles and headaches out of lawn maintenance by setting up a comprehensive program of care for your plants to last through the entire dormant season all the way until spring. We can construct an irrigation system, taking into account our experience in irrigation, our knowledge of the weather patterns in East Tennessee, and the slopes, hills, and valleys that are common in the terrain of the region. We also are expert at all the technical aspects of an irrigation system, including the sprinklers, valves, controllers, central controls and sensors. You can trust us to provide the proper hydration for your prized gardens now that the growing season is complete. Find out more by calling our office at (423) 246-7977 to schedule a consultation.

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