3 Secrets of Landscaping around a Paver Patio

Kingsport, TN

Adding pavers to your landscape is a great way to capitalize on your investment because it enhances your property’s value and beauty. Plus, pavers create functional spaces that can be used for outdoor entertainment. But some homeowners struggle to decide how to add plants and flowers along the edges of their paver patios. Sometimes, large, vast empty areas are intimidating to incorporate with your landscaping ideas. So today on the blog, our Kingsport landscapers share three secrets of landscaping around paver patios to help you finalize the look and function of your custom outdoor space.

  1. Decide how you will use the space

Before planting or implementing drastic changes to your landscape, after the installation of a paver patio, decide how you’ll use the space. Is the space for relaxing or entertaining guests while hosting outdoor barbeques? If the space is mostly for entertainment, perhaps consider adding comfortable seating along the stone wall of your paver patio. Be mindful of where you plant flowers and bushes so that they do not cause a trip or fall hazard. Additionally, choose plants cautiously so that you don’t end up planting plants that attract bees or stinging insects. Instead, you may want to plant herbs and other plants that help ward off mosquitos so that your guests can enjoy the outdoors without pesky mosquitoes bugging them.

  1. Go back to the basics

By the basics, we mean framing, depth, contrast, and color. As you decide what to plant around or near your paver patio, consider adding plants that provide depth, contrast, and color. As far as the placement of plants, water fountains, or firepits, consider how these additions will frame the central part of your paver patio. Remember, your paver patio and outdoor space is an extension of the inside of your home, and similar design rules that apply indoors also apply outdoors in terms of texture, depth, and color.

  1. Add variety

Outdoor spaces are often ignored during the winter because it’s too cold to enjoy the outdoors without a firepit. But you will still see your outdoor space from inside your home, and it’s possible that neighbors will see your backyard even during the winter. Therefore, consider a variety of plants that flourish in different seasons so that you have some life in your backyard even in the dead of winter. For instance, evergreens and holly trees are excellent choices to keep some life in your outdoor space whether it’s bright and sunny or snowy and cold.

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If you’re still struggling with how to landscape around your paver patio, consider hiring a professional landscaper at Promier Landscapes to take care of the job for you. Our design specialists can develop a plan that considers your wants and needs as well, or we can take complete control over the designing of the project if you’d rather an expert handle it for you. To learn more about our landscaping services, contact Promier Landscapes by calling (423) 246-7977.