4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Pro to Install Landscape Lighting

4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Pro to Install Landscape Lighting

4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Pro to Install Landscape LightingKingsport, TN

Home and business owners decide to have landscape lighting installed to highlight the architecture of their home or building and enhance security and safety. Regardless of your reason for installing landscape lighting, you probably have seen some lighting features installed that were just okay, and some that made you do a double-take because of its beauty. There are differences between poorly installed landscape lighting and lighting installed with a purpose and tastefully designed and maintained. It’s essential to hire the best landscaping company to install your outdoor lighting. Today on the blog, Promier Landscapes shares four questions to ask before hiring a pro to install your landscape lighting.

How long have you been in business?

While years in business don’t always equal impeccable service, it does mean that the business has a reputation. Small businesses pop up all of the time and could end up being a fly-by-night company that doesn’t complete the job well or isn’t around later on if you run into a problem with your product. Promier Landscapes has been the trusted landscaping company in Kingsport. For more than a decade, we’ve provided unparalleled service to home and business owners.

How long do the planning and installation processes take?

Every project has a timeline, and it’s essential to know when to expect your finished product to be installed. While there are sometimes unforeseen circumstances that may change the timeline, you deserve to know when to expect your landscape lighting installed. The project timeline will consider the design and planning phase, ordering and shipping of the light fixtures, and installation.

Will I be able to add additional features later on?

It’s a good idea to think about your property’s future lighting needs. If you’ve ever considered building onto your home’s existing structure or remodeling the architecture, the lighting needs of your home may change. Or you may decide to change or update lighting features later on. Find out if your home’s outdoor lighting design plan can be modified or added to at a later time.

Do you have references and/or photographs of your finished projects?

Many consumers turn to references when finding the right business to hire or place to do business in today’s day and age. This is even more true when it comes to hiring a contractor to do work on their home. It’s also helpful to view photographs of finished projects to give you an idea of what to expect. At Promier Landscapes, our online customer reviews speak volumes to the work that we provide. Our extensive portfolio showcases many of our projects that we’ve completed through the years.

Landscape Lighting Installation in Kingsport, Bristol, and Johnson City

If you’re interested in professional landscape installation, we invite you to contact Promier Landscapes by calling (423) 246-7977. Our professional designers can help you select beautiful outdoor lighting fixtures to enhance your home’s architecture and safety.