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4 Reasons to hire a Professional Landscape Designer

hiring landscape professionalsKingsport, TN

If you were building your dream home, you’d never try to design it yourself unless you were an architect or highly experienced construction professional. Likewise, if you want the backyard of your dreams, why wouldn’t you seek professional help to make your vision a reality?

Promier Landscapes wants to explore some of the ways and reasons that hiring a professional landscape designer in Kingsport can help give you your dream yard.

  1. Landscaping is more complicated than you might think – It’s not about just mowing the yard, trimming weeds, and planting flowers. To design a truly noteworthy outdoor space, you have to incorporate a wide array of different components: garden beds, plant life, trees, shrubs, water elements, patios, decks, walkways, irrigation systems, lighting… and maybe even a pool. What if you built the kitchen in your dream home and realized that there was no room for the refrigerator? These design errors can be quite common when working with landscapes; sure, planting a tree in a certain spot may seem like a good idea, but did you consider its effect on the other elements such as the driveway, walkways, and other plant life? A professional landscape designer has the training and experience to consider all these factors and more. At Promier Landscapes, we make sure to have a detailed plan for each of our design jobs.
  2. A landscape designer can provide pre-emptive problem solving – No matter how much planning you do, no project is going to work to perfection. There are going to be bumps in the road and unanticipated problems. A professional landscape designer can identify problems in their early stages, or even before they become actual problems. Let’s say you’re planning to install a pool; all the work can be undone if you experience problems with drainage or the slope of the land. This can lead to an expensive delay. With a professional landscape designer as part of the team, you don’t have to sweat the small stuff, because the designer is being paid to do that for you!
  3. Think about using your outdoor space year round – Seasonal changes can make a big impact on your landscape. Those flowers that look so bright and brilliant in the spring can wilt and become eyesores in the heat of the summer. A plan constructed by a professional landscape designer in the Tri-Cities will factor in the changes that will occur during the seasons, making sure to come up with a final product that maximizes both the aesthetics and the function of your outdoor space—yes, even during winter.
  4. Working within a budgetMaybe you think the outdoor landscape of your dreams is out of your reach. A professional landscape designer knows how to work with all kinds of spaces, and budgets. Expenses can add up in a hurry in a major landscaping project: building materials, lighting, plant life, hardscaping, and labor all are factors to consider. At Promier Landscapes, our landscape designers will work with you, your budget, and then the best way to make your vision a reality while staying within your financial limitations.

Professional Landscaping in Kingsport

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