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4 Tips to Prepare for Your Next Outdoor Gathering

prepare landscape for springKingsport, TN

After more cold and snow than usual this winter in East Tennessee, we’re all eager for spring to get here. If you plan on having a cookout, party or some other type of event this spring, now is the time to begin preparing your outdoor space. Not sure where to start? Not to worry; the team at Promier Landscapes has you covered with these four tips to get ready for this spring’s outdoor gathering.

Tip 1: Make your beds

As in your garden beds and flower beds, which are going to need some attention after the winter. Any dead perennial plants from last season, along with possible errant leaves, all should be removed. Give your beds a crisp, proper edge to provide them with a more dynamic effect. Lastly, refresh the mulch in the beds.

Tip 2: Retire “old” plants

Plants age just like people and animals, and different plants have different effective lifespans. Once a plant has outlived itself, it becomes “tired”, more vulnerable to disease and requires more intensive maintenance to thrive as it did in the past. In these situations, the most responsible and sustainable option might be to replace that plant with a new, healthy one that will thrive more easily. If you’re not sure whether or not it’s time to replace your plants, schedule a consultation with a landscaping professional.

Tip 3: Help your lawn breathe

Aeration is a mechanical process that removes plugs of soil from your yard and deposits them on the surface of the ground. This helps alleviate compaction of your soil and also provides oxygenation, enhancing the amount of soil water uptake and increasing the air exchange between the atmosphere and your soil. We recommend that aeration should be completed once per year, often in combination with overseeding, which can address any areas where your turf is weak or sparse. Regular annual aeration helps your lawn benefit from fertilization and receive more of the nutrients it needs.

Tip 4: Plan a new addition

This is the ideal time of year to plan a new landscaping project at your home. This may be a simple addition to enhance the function and form of your existing landscape, or you want to make a major change such as the addition of a hardscape feature. Whatever your vision, a professional landscape designer like the ones on staff at Promier Landscapes can make your idea reality. Our landscape design team can come to your property and perform a free site assessment.

Professional landscape design and maintenance in Kingsport, Johnson City and Bristol in Tennessee

You’re going to do some spring cleaning inside your house to prepare your event. The same rule should apply to your outdoor space. The team at Promier Landscapes can help you get ready for your next gathering outside of doors. We also provide professional tree care, including health assessments and pruning. To find out more about our services, call (423) 246-7977 or contact us online to schedule an on-site estimate with one of our landscaping pros.