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5 Landscape Edging Ideas

landscape edging ideasKingsport, TN

Landscape edging can really add the finishing touches to your lawn and flowerbeds. You may be thinking where to begin, or what materials do you need to get the job done. Whether you are hiring landscapers in Bristol or Johnson City, Promier Landscapes has five landscape edging ideas for you.

Let’s take a look at the different types of lawn edging. But first, it is important to consider your budget, as the different types have varying costs that should be considered. Also, you should consider the climate for your region, as well as the space you are working with.

  1. Flower Edging

Low-growing plants can be a great way to edge your landscape. Examples such as Periwinkle, or Mondo Grass are great options because they are low maintenance, add a pop of color and defined edges.

  1. Hardscapes

Hardscapes also referred to as bricks can be purchased at your local hardware store or custom designed by professional landscapers. They can be joined together for a seamless look. Hardscapes can be fun because they are low maintenance, and can be chosen in a variety of shapes, sizes, and tones. They also provide good weed control since they block sunlight from reaching the soil to germinate weeds, which create a defined boundary between your lawn and your driveway, walkways, or flowerbeds.

  1. Bamboo

This Asian-inspired edging is great to line the outer edge of your lawn, especially if you would also like to create privacy from neighbors or a nearby road. Be mindful that bamboo comes in different sizes, it doesn’t always have to be the very tall, invasive type that spreads quickly and is difficult to control. Be sure you plant the right type for your space!

  1. Landscape timbers

Landscape timbers are available at your local hardware store. They are nice to use because the wood creates a natural look, and is treated so that it can withstand the elements. While you might be tempted to upcycle railroad ties, don’t. They contain a chemical known as creosote, which the EPA has deemed as potentially harmful to your health and your plants.

  1. Herbs

Herbs are a natural way to edge your garden, plus they are edible! Safe, fun, fragrant, and beautiful, herbs are easy to come by, easy to grow and make cooking your favorite meals more flavorful and fun. You can grow herbs from seeds purchased from your local nursery, or purchase already established versions of your favorites.

Landscaping in Kingsport

If you don’t have the time, effort, or resources to properly care for your lawn, consider hiring the professionals at Promier Landscapes. In the areas of Bristol, Johnson City, and Kingsport, we provide full lawn care services to homes and businesses. You can learn more or schedule a consultation by contacting our office directly at (423) 246-7977 or submit a request online. When choosing a landscaping company, it’s important to choose one that has a good reputation and loads of experience. You can check out our work here.