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5 Steps to Prepare your Lawn and Garden for Summer

get garden ready for summerKingsport, TN

Soon enough summer will make its arrival, leaving us longing for those seemingly perfect temperatures again. Whether you are looking to hire professional landscapers in Kingsport or need to redesign your landscape in Johnson City, Promier Landscapes has five steps to help you prepare your lawn and garden for summer.

  1. Add mulch to your garden beds

Mulch is essential for a healthy garden for two reasons: it helps retain moisture, and it helps prevent weeds. Spring is the ideal time to add fresh mulch to your garden or flowerbeds, and around trees and shrubs. It will already start going to work by retaining much of the moisture that we get from the spring rain.

  1. Keep ahead of the weeds

Weeds are inevitable, which is why it is best to keep ahead by treating them as soon as they appear. Don’t wait until well into the season when your flowerbeds and lawn are saturated with them. Instead, starting early will help prevent the spread and growth of new weeds. For sporadic weeds in your flowerbeds, you can simply pull them by hand. More widespread areas may need chemical treatment to get rid of them.

  1. Prune plants, trees, and shrubs

Summer is usually when most all plants need to be pruned. The spring buds are fading, and the plants have hit a major growth spurt. But, be mindful of what you are pruning, because not all plants have the same pruning needs. If you aren’t sure how to prune your plants properly, do some research or ask a professional. Also, be sure that you are using the proper tools to prevent damaging your plants.

  1. Add some color to your landscape

We get why most of us love spring so much, at least the color it brings, maybe not all that pollen, though. While summer is known to be the greenest season of the year, there are plants you can add for a splash of color. Color helps liven up your landscape and creates an aesthetic appeal to your property. Add some annuals (plants that live only one season) or perennials that will come back year after year. If you aren’t sure what to plant, talk to the lawn care professionals at Promier Landscapes. Our designers can work with you to create an attractive landscape.

  1. Spring ahead to get ready for summer

Spring ahead now so that your lawn and garden will be ready for summer. In other words, don’t wait until summer has arrived to start caring for your landscape. By then, you will have to work extra hard to catch up on weeding, mulching, and planning your landscape.

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