commercial landscape all year long

5 Tips to keep your Commercial Property in Shape all Year

commercial landscape all year longKingsport, TN

If you own commercial property, you can attract tenants or customers by maintaining a beautiful landscape. A landscape with dead grass, overgrown weeds, and untrimmed hedges looks uncared for, and less attractive.

Lawn and garden experts in Johnson City at Promier Landscapes have five tips to keep your commercial property in shape all year.

  1. Mulch

Mulching is a landscaping basic. It is available in different types, colors, and textures, which can add an aesthetic appeal to your commercial property. Plus, mulch also helps retain moisture, which is helpful for plants, trees, and shrubs. Some other benefits of mulch are that it helps provide a barrier against weeds, prevents erosion, and helps maintain the soil’s temperature to prevent the sun from scorching roots. No property is complete without this look!

  1. Planting

Do you have any plants around your property? They don’t have to be the high maintenance type, but easy to care for shrubs and plants can add some depth, color, and manicured look to your commercial property. If you aren’t sure which type of plants to plant, speak with a lawn care professional such as our experienced team at Promier Landscapes. If you prefer, we can handle the entire project from planning, planting, to maintaining your commercial landscape in the Tri-Cities.

  1. Maintenance

Speaking of maintenance, it is essential to properly maintain your commercial landscape to keep it looking nice and inviting to guests. If you aren’t able to take on the demanding task of landscaping your commercial property, which most owners aren’t, then consider hiring a pro to do the job. Spring and summer are when plants, trees, and shrubs tend to grow the most, which means your landscape will need tending to at least once a week, sometimes more often, depending on your needs.  

  1. Hardscapes

Hardscapes refer to walkways, paths, pavers, fountains, rock accents, and the like. They add functionality and aesthetic appeal to any commercial property. Although you probably already have some standard sidewalks along your property, adding another type of hardscapes can spruce up your property and make it appealing to visitors.

  1. Irrigation

Most commercial properties are quite large, and therefore, impossible to water by hand. Installing an irrigation system for a commercial property is the most ideal and convenient way of ensuring your landscape receives the necessary amount of water. Don’t rely on rain alone to provide enough moisture for your plants, because the summers here in the Tri-Cities can be quite dry. Instead, consider a professionally installed sprinkler system for your property. It will save you time and money in the long run.

Commercial Property Landscapers in the Tri-Cities

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