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6 Reasons to Mulch your Leaves

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When you own a house, you know that with each season comes a new round of yard maintenance. Fall is the same, and if you live in the Tri-Cities area, you probably must clean up acorns, pine needles, branches, and, of course, leaves. There are several factors to think about while dealing with the leaves in your yard, regardless of whether you handle it yourself or hire a lawn maintenance services company. You could even be wondering if you should bag the leaves, make use of them in another way, or mulch fallen leaves. Before you spend hours every week raking and bagging leaves, consider why mulching them is a terrific alternative. Our Tri-Cities landscaping experts at Promier Landscapes share on the blog today six reasons to mulch your leaves so that you can encourage healthy grass growth with a natural resource.

6 Benefits of Mulching Your Leaves

The practice of mulching leaves provides several benefits. Even if you want to use the leaves as mulch for your lawn, the landscaping experts in Johnson City suggest that you rake up all the leaves first. Otherwise, you run the danger of causing the grass to be damaged. For instance, if you leave leaves on your lawn, the grass below will be cut off from sunlight and airflow, and it may die.

As a result, you might enjoy the following advantages of mulching your leaves:

  • Cost-effective
  • Maintains soil moisture
  • Leaves don’t contribute to landfills
  • Provides sustained energy and nutrition
  • Boosts soil earthworm and microbial activity
  • Covers dirt between grass plants to prevent weeds

How to Mulch Your Leaves

Homeowners who are not very skilled or just starting may not be aware of the most effective way to mulch leaves. Some homeowners choose to buy a lawn mower equipped with mulching capabilities, while others may retrofit their existing mower with a mulching blade that can be purchased at your neighborhood hardware store. Our team of landscaping specialists in Bristol recommends adjusting the cutting height of the mower to its highest setting and then mow around the yard. Then, keep running the leaf shredder until the leaves are sufficiently reduced in size to pass through the grass without being caught. Finally, get rid of any leftover lumps by removing them and throwing them away.

Landscaping Experts in Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol, Tennessee

You, as a homeowner, should be pleased with the way the look of your lawn is maintained. On the other hand, when autumn arrives and the leaves begin to fall, they might cover your land and inhibit grass growth. Therefore, if you want to safeguard your turf and mulch the leaves on your lawn, our professional landscapers in Kingsport strongly recommend that you follow the above guide. Call Promier Landscapes at (423) 246-7977 or send us an email to ask any concerns you have regarding mulching or to inquire about our expert mulching services. For additional information, you can also contact us online.