7 Tips to Enhance your Landscape’s Curb Appeal

improve curb appealKingsport, TN

Curb appeal is a buzzword you probably have heard, especially if you have any experience buying or selling a home. What is curb appeal? Think of it has your home’s first impression, or how others see your home from the outside. Whether you are planning to put your home for sale on the market or you live in your forever home, enhancing your curb appeal can influence how you feel about your home as well. Professional landscapers in the Tri-Cities have seven tips to help you enhance your landscape’s curb appeal. 

  1. Get organized

Your landscape design needs to make sense. A messy and unbalanced landscape isn’t going to be attractive to anyone. So, get out there and KonMari your landscape! If parts of your landscape don’t spark joy for you, the chances are that it doesn’t spark joy for others either. If you are redesigning your landscape for a complete overhaul or just need to make some adjusts here and there, then create balance, symmetry, and maybe some repetition. Be sure that the scale of the project isn’t too much or too little for the size of your property and house. 

  1. Keep it healthy

Nothing can ruin your curb appeal quicker than having dying or nearly dead plants around. Lush, green grass and plants with vibrant colors are attractive and are a sign of health. Life, flow, and vitality reflect that the homeowner takes care of the landscape.

  1. Add a layered look

Plain, straight lines are boring. Don’t be afraid to experiment by adding layers in your garden beds. By this we mean adding plants of different heights, planting taller plants in the back of the bed and the shorter ones in the front.

  1. Create an inviting look

Curb appeal is about making an impression. What type of impression would you be making if your landscape looked like the Adam’s Family lived at your house? Your landscape should be well-kept, and it should communicate “welcome” to guests when they come to visit. This means, keep shrubs and bushes trimmed back away from doors, windows, and walkways.

  1. Add a WOW factor

Spring is flourishing with bright colored flowers and shrubs. Take advantage of the seasonal WOW factor by planting these brightly colored plants. While it may be too late to plant bulbs for spring flowers, you can purchase already grown plants at your local nursery and place some of those potted plants around in your garden.

  1. Tend to your garden

You can quickly ruin your home’s curb appeal by slacking on your lawn and garden maintenance. Weeds are best managed by staying on top of them. In other words, maintain your lawn and garden routinely by practicing weed control. Don’t wait until your landscape is overtaken with weeds.

  1. Keep it comfortable

Make sure that your home’s landscape is safe. Is your driveway intimidating? It may need a redesign. Is it clear where guests should go when they arrive at your home? Also, are your walkways safe? You don’t want people tripping over a broken sidewalk. Lots of times people overlook the comfort side of their curb appeal, and focus instead only on grass, shrubs, and plants.

Professional Landscape Designers in Kingsport

Curb appeal not only says a lot about your home but about you as well. What first impression does your home’s curb appeal say about you? If you would like assistance with your landscape, contact the pros at Promier Landscape where we create Outdoor Profection, giving you the type of curb appeal that you desire. Contact us by calling (423) 246-7977 to learn more about our lawn care services that we provide to home and business owners in the Kingsport and Johnson City areas.