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Create an Excellent Sound Barrier with These Trees and Shrubs

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The privacy and relaxing appeal many homeowners seek in their backyards might be lost due to street and traffic noise, neighbors, nearby businesses, or people walking past their house. Plant barriers are fantastic investments and can serve as a noise or privacy remedy. Bark, stems, leaves, and branches can effectively absorb sound. Therefore, our Kingsport landscaping experts at Promier Landscapes share how you can create a sound barrier with the following trees and shrubs so that you can create a peaceful ambiance on your property.

How to Reduce Noise Pollution

Knowing which plants will fulfill your aesthetic and noise reduction requirements is simply one factor to consider. When deciding how to approach this project, you should consider important design factors because ineffective design yields poor results. Our Tri-Cities landscaping pros recommend the following strategies to maximize your investment and successfully minimize noise pollution.

  • Purchase plants that will mature when you want.Younger trees are less expensive than older ones, although some seedlings may require years to grow tall enough to be useful as a sound barrier. Consider making an investment in quickly growing trees or purchasing already mature plants if your noise pollution issues need an immediate fix.
  • Place your noise buffer close to the source. Your noise-dampening plants are more effective the closer they are to possible noise sources. However, make sure you provide adequate space for possible traffic accidents or snowdrifts.
  • Use your yard’s topography.Your plants’ height can affect how much noise pollution they can block, which is necessary when choosing the ideal trees. The noise quantity your barrier can block will be significantly reduced if it’s placed in a ditch. On the other hand, if your yard has any inclines, you can use them in your overall design, especially if they are near noise sources.
  • Construct thick buffers. A tree or brush arrangement should be placed closely together. While all plants require some amount of room to grow correctly, each variety has different requirements. Effective noise blockers can be planted close together, enabling homeowners to construct a “wall” of vegetation.
  • Prioritize Evergreen Plants. Make evergreen plants a priority because they provide year-round noise pollution protection. Ensure that the deciduous or semi-evergreen varieties you choose will still provide the noise reduction you want at critical periods of the year.

Sound Barrier Trees and Shrubs

Not every tree species can provide noise reduction year-round or while in bloom. With a myriad of tree species from which to choose, it can be challenging to ensure you pick the most effective solution to maximize the effect and stay within budget. So, our Bristol landscape designers share a few tree and shrub species that are excellent sound barrier options.

  • Arborvitae Trees – Popular options for privacy and noise barriers are Arborvitae trees which include Thuja Green Giants, American Pillars, and Emerald Green Arborvitaes. Since they have dense, soft evergreen foliage, they may be planted more closely together than other types of trees.
  • Holly Trees and Shrubs – Evergreen hollies, which are lustrous and dark green, provide excellent sound barriers. Effective alternatives include American holly trees or Nellie Stevens hollies. The former may go as big as 20 feet tall and 18 feet broad, while the latter can get as big as 50 feet tall and 40 feet wide. On the other hand, Blue Prince and Steeds may reach heights of up to 8 feet and efficiently muffle noise with their wide leaves. Holly species called Castle Spire Blue may reach heights of up to 12 feet.
  • Cypress Trees – Classic Italian Cypress trees may provide a strong sound barrier when planted thick. Other cypress tree varieties have substantially larger trunks and sound-absorbing leaves. The Carolina Sapphire Cypress tree and the Leyland Cypress tree can reach heights of 50 feet and are excellent for creating hedges.

Landscape Experts in Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol, Tennessee

It can be challenging to relax outdoors when you’re constantly bombarded by road noise or loud neighbors. Through strategic tree and shrub placement, you can reduce the noise level and create a serene area. If you’re tired of all the noise and ready to create some peace and quiet, please contact our Johnson City landscape experts at Promier Landscapes and allow us to create an effective noise barrier. Our professional landscape designers can work with you to choose the best selection of trees and shrubs, as well as proper placement to maximize noise reduction. Please call us at (423) 246-7977 or contact us online to request a consultation.