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How to choose a Landscape Designer

choose a landscape designerKingsport, TN

A landscape designer can use their experience, training, and professional-grade equipment to help homeowners achieve the vision of the outdoor space and make that dream a reality. Selecting the right professional landscape designer in Kingsport to serve you and your needs is a big decision, and Promier Landscapes wants to help. Here are some suggestions to help you during the process of choosing a landscape designer.

Factor 1: What is your budget for your project?

You need to do an assessment of your finances and determine how many funds are available for whatever outdoor project you envision. Remember that, in landscaping, you often get what you pay for. Certain designs may require a significant financial investment to execute, but a beautiful and well-constructed landscape design can significantly boost your property value.

Factor 2: What needs to go and what will stay?

Take a good look at your current garden or outdoor landscape. Then, make a list of all the elements that you want to remove in order to complete your vision. This may include planters, actual plants or outdated equipment like an old grill or a hot tub that looks like it a relic from the 1980s. Next, list all the parts of your outdoor landscape that you likeā€”such as that rosebush with sentimental value, or that do-it-yourself patio you installed a few years back.

Factor 3: What elements do you want to add? 

Take a few moments and picture your dream landscape in your mind’s eye. What do you imagine? Now, write it all down. If nothing else, this information will give a landscape designer insight to your general tastes and preferences.

Whatever landscape designer you choose should tailor their plans to the three factors listed above. Remember, your landscape designer is there to fill your wishes. Make sure he or she is willing to work with your climate, your design aesthetic, and of course your budget. Your designer should let you know if your budget and your goals are reasonable, and determine the best path to follow.

Choosing a landscape designer in Kingsport

Promier Landscapes can create beautiful outdoor spaces for you and your family to enjoy. Whether you are looking for solace, an outdoor space to entertain, or something in between, our team of professionals can achieve your goals. Restoring or updating your outdoor landscape has a host of other benefits, including lowered energy costs from planted trees to shade your home from the heat and sunlight of the summer or the bitter cold and wind of winter. Trees and shrubs also can lower noise and air pollution as well. Plus, a beautiful and updated landscape can boost the curb appeal of your property in the event you ever sell.

At Promier Landscapes, we want to make sure each of our clients has as much knowledge as possible about what to expect. We work up a written contract with each of our clients, outlining estimated costs and a timeline for when the work will be completed. To learn more about our services, call (423) 246-7977 to schedule a consultation with one of our professional landscape designers.

Promier Landscapes is proud to serve residential and commercial customers in the areas of Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol in Tennessee.