sell home faster with landscape lighting

How to Sell your Home Faster with Landscape Lighting

sell home faster with landscape lightingKingsport, TN

The housing market has experienced a significant boom, making now a prime time to sell your home. Every homeowner wants to get top dollar for their home, and it’s even better if you get multiple offers. But to maximize your profits, your home has to have curb appeal and value to buyers.

Landscape lighting increases home value

Landscape lighting adds a significant value to a home, especially if you’re preparing to list yours on the market. It showcases your home’s beauty, architecture, and landscaping, no matter the time of day. If your home has high-quality craftsmanship, show it off with strategically installed landscape lighting. Your home is not the only thing worth showing off with outdoor lighting. You probably have worked hard on your landscape, trimming trees and ensuring the curb appeal is in tiptop shape, and others should see those details too. If you have an outdoor living space, pool, deck, or patio, then that is considered a selling point for your home. Hire a pro to install high-quality and attractive lighting to accentuate these outdoor features. 

Landscape lighting provides a safety barrier

Safety is a top priority for all homeowners. From well-lit driveways and sidewalks, landscape lighting minimizes trips and falls and makes it harder for criminals to lurk. Lighting can be installed in dark areas of your property while still showcasing your property’s gorgeous landscape and architecture. Whether you’re concerned about you and your family’s safety or want to ensure real estate showings can happen safely after dark, landscape lighting adds a safety barrier to your property.

Landscape lighting is low maintenance

Professionally installed landscape lighting is generally low maintenance. Other than replacing an occasional bulb, the lighting source and electrical components are weatherproof and designed to last for years. Low-maintenance homes are attractive to home buyers these days and could be what sets your home above the rest.

Enhance outdoor living spaces

Whether you have an outdoor patio or a custom outdoor kitchen with a pool, an outdoor space provides much enjoyment to homeowners. Create an impeccable outdoor ambiance by installing landscape lighting. It enhances the space and allows home buyers to see themselves entertaining in the space.

Take better photos for your listing

Putting your home on the market means listing an ad online, which is usually handled by your real estate agent. But your agent will likely line up a professional photographer to photograph your home. When photos are taken around dusk, landscape lighting creates dramatic images, which are eye-catching to buyers.

Professional Landscape Lighting Installation in Kingsport, Bristol, and Johnson City

If you’re getting ready to sell your home or it’s already on the market, consider professionally installed landscape lighting to get the biggest bang for your buck when you land a contract. Call Promier Landscapes at (423) 246-7977 to learn more about professional install or schedule your consultation.