make the most of fall landscape

Make the most of your Landscape this Fall

make the most of fall landscape

Fall bulbs and leaves placed alongside a garden trowel.

Kingsport, TN

A Swiss philosopher and poet named Henri-Frederic Amiel once said, “Any landscape is a condition of the spirit.” Amiel, who died in 1881, probably wasn’t picturing exactly what defines a well-maintained lawn in a modern American neighborhood. However, the message stands: a beautiful physical landscape stirs the spirit. The growing season may be over, but your landscape doesn’t have to go into hibernation just because summer is over. Follow these tips from Promier Landscapes to make the most of your outdoor space this fall.

The annual lifecycle doesn’t mean you have to start over every spring

Ever think about your overall landscape as a living thing? Why not? It goes through stages just like every other organism: birth in the spring, maturity in the summer, aging during the fall, and death/slumber in the winter. By incorporating some sound management strategies, the value and lifespan of your landscape will extend well into the colder weather.

A little planning goes a long way. It starts by examining your current landscape and composing an honest assessment.

Consider asking yourself the following questions:

  • What can you do with the plants you already have and the supplies you have on hand?
  • What can you reuse?
  • What can you recycle?
  • What value can you add by editing or reorganizing your current landscape?
  • What plants are so far gone that they need to be removed?
  • What plants are still in good condition, but no longer fit your aesthetic, and could be given away?

Fall is one of the best times of the year for planting 

It can be tough to introduce new plants in your landscape during the intense summer heat. Three factors make fall one of the best times of the year for planting new plants. The soil is warmer, root systems are actively building and fortifying themselves in preparation for winter, and there’s higher moisture content in the soil as well as the atmosphere. Fall is a great time to plant bulbs so that you can enjoy their color and blooms come springtime.

Professional lawn care in Kingsport

Whether you have a small yard or an acre of space, Promier Landscapes is here for you. Our comprehensive program of landscape maintenance handles everything from planting, complete lawn care services, and weeding to irrigation, and the prevention of pests and disease. We also offer these services on a year-round basis. That means you can have confidence that your landscape will stay looking its best no matter what season it is, and professionals using top-of-the-line equipment will handle all the work for you. This also will enhance your home’s “curb appeal,” potentially increasing your property value.

Are you ready to find out more? One of our landscape professionals is ready and waiting to come out and perform an on-site evaluation at no cost to you. Make your appointment today by calling (423) 246-7977.

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