to mulch or not to mulch

To Mulch or not to Mulch? Your guide to Mulching

to mulch or not to mulchKingsport, TN

We’ve all seen pristine yards with sculpted flowerbeds where every individual plant is surrounded by a blanket of mulch. Those perfect flowers look more vibrant and alive growing from a bed of fresh mulch. The professional landscapers in Kingsport at Promier Landscapes want to teach you why mulching is necessary for every garden.

Why should you mulch?

Mulch does more than just add an aesthetic appeal to your garden. Mulch is a protective layer that covers your garden and works to both conserve water and add nutrients to the soil. The mulch acts as drainage, meaning you don’t have to be as aggressive when watering your flowerbeds. It reduces weeds by blocking new growth, ensuring they get less sun, and helps prevent the soil underneath to freeze. Soil contracts from freezing and thawing. This contraction pushes planted, healthy flowers out of the ground and weakens their root system. Mulch also makes it harder, for weeds to take advantage of a weakened flower. Then, as your mulch begins to breakdown, it becomes food for your flowerbed.

When do you mulch?

Promier Landscapes knows that you don’t need much convincing to mulch, but you might need help with the timing. Spring is the best time really, but fall has its pros, too. Weeds like to start growing in spring, so mulch is most effective at stopping them before they’ve really developed. Don’t worry, though, you don’t have to rush to get your mulching done ASAP. You really need to wait until mid-to-late spring for mulching. If you mulch too early, you risk trapping cold and moisture in your soil. This will delay plants from growing and blooming on time. Mulching in the spring is a great idea, but keep in mind you might want to add a new layer of mulch before winter to keep out all excess moisture and keep plants from being rejected from the contracting soil. If you do re-mulch in the fall, don’t ever allow there to be more than three inches when you add a new layer.

Springtime might look ideal from a visual mulching standard, but if you have to delay mulching until the fall, don’t fret. Mulching in fall means your mulch won’t look as clean and vibrant in the spring, but you also don’t have to add another item to your spring to-do list. If you decide to mulch in the fall, wait until at least mid-November, your mulch will act as a comforter for your new plants facing a cold winter outside. It can insulate them and provide protection from frost and unneeded moisture. Answering the “when” question about mulching is simple: when you need it.

Professional Mulching in Johnson City

Whether you want to mulch your yard or flowerbeds in Kingsport or cut your grass in Johnson City, let Promier Landscapes’ trained professionals do the job for you. Let us get your yard mulched and ready to blow away the neighbors with your beautiful outdoor landscape. If you want to have a beautifully mulched garden, then don’t hesitate to make your life easier and spend more time enjoying your space—not working on it. Contact Promier Landscapes at (423) 246-7977 for any questions or needs about your yard today if you live in Kingsport, Bristol, and Johnson City in Tennessee.