Landscaping Retaining Walls

Have you ever thought about how you can improve upon your landscaping and the overall feel of your outdoor living space? At Promier Landscapes Inc. based in Kingsport, TN, we have provided landscaping retaining walls throughout the Johnson City, Bristol and Greeneville areas and beyond.

We have a team of designers that will create something unique for you based upon what you want your space to look like. Retaining walls can be used to create incredible areas where you can go up from the ground for seating areas, gardens, outdoor kitchens, and more. They can help to complement your patio, landscaping, and other areas so that curb appeal is enhanced.

You want to be comfortable with the space that you have outdoors. When it’s just grass and a few pavers, you may not be happy with the overall feel. This is where we want to assist you. We have an array of wall blocks and systems that can be used to improve your home’s look. We will match these blocks and systems to suit the needs of you and your lifestyle.

Retaining Wall Build and Design

Kingsport and Johnson City Retaining Walls

Our retaining walls are built with the utmost level of care and we pride ourselves on our workmanship. You can rely on our builders to create a wall that you can count on year after year. This gives you an incredible design that will transform your space so that you will want to spend more time outdoors.

There has been plenty of research to show the benefits of spending time outdoors. The sunlight can provide you with energy and it’s good to be able to breathe in some fresh air. Our retaining walls are made with the best materials, and this gives you the confidence that you are being eco-friendly, too.

As soon as we create a design that you love, we begin working on creating the retaining walls around your landscaping, your patio, and much more. This allows you to watch as your backyard suddenly becomes a haven that you will want to spend more time in – and even do some entertaining in.

Don’t assume that you cannot have the backyard you have always wanted, even when size is an issue. Contact us today and let us talk to you about some of the possibilities that you have within your yard. We can show you samples of work we have done in the past and begin drafting designs for you on the spot. We offer a free consultation and quote with absolutely no obligation!