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Choosing the Best Grass for High Traffic Lawns

best grass for high trafficKingsport, TN

East Tennessee homeowners seek a lush green lawn that increases the curb appeal and value of their home. When you have a lawn that is heavily used every day by your children or your furry family members, that dream can seem like it is miles away. However, when you plan for high traffic on your lawn by improving the quality and care of your grass, you can finally achieve the lushest green lawn in the neighborhood. To help restore your lawn, our Kingsport professional landscapers share information about choosing the best grass for high traffic lawns.

How do I grow grass in high-traffic areas?

As your children and pet plays on your lawn, the soil compacts and crushes air pockets limiting the amount of oxygen your grass receives. Also, nutrients and water struggle to move through the soil preventing proper growth. Therefore, your leading Kingsport lawncare company, Promier Landscapes, recommends soil aeration for high traffic areas. The aeration process entails using a core aerator that removes small plugs of sod and soil from the ground to promote the fluid movement of air, water, and nutrients.

What is the best grass for dogs and children?

A solid, durable foundation is an excellent start for a full lawn. When deciding on which type of grass to seed your lawn, your Johnson City landscapers at Promier Landscapes advise homeowners to consider are the rapid growth rate, deep root development, and a quality match to the East Tennessee climate. There are two types of grass you should consider for your lawn in the Tri-Cities area: Fescue or Bermudagrass.

  • Fescue – Fescue grass is ideal for states like Tennessee, Missouri, and the Carolinas. As the most durable for heavy use, Fescue is well-adapted to partially shaded and sunny areas. Fescue is also durable and has a high tolerance for heat and drought.
  • Bermudagrass – Bermudagrass is the most desired lawn in the southern states due to its resistance to heat and drought. Because of those characteristics and its durability, it maintains its integrity throughout the seasons.

How do I maintain my high-traffic grass?

Maintaining healthy grass is much less frustrating than trying to have grass grow in a bald area. If your lawn has a high traffic area that refuses to grow grass, it may help to consider adding a stepping-stone path with pavers that will allow the grass to grow around them. Below are some additional ways your lawncare professionals in Bristol at Promier Landscape recommend for promoting and maintaining a healthy lawn.

  • Irrigate Your Lawn – One fundamental element of growing is the need for water. By watering your lawn regularly to keep it healthy, you are providing essential nutrients to promote growth.
  • Fertilize Your LawnFertilizer provides growth-inducing nutrients for highly traffic lawn areas. With a burst of nutrition in the right amount at the right time, your grass could flourish.
  • Aerate Your LawnAeration is a process that restores the ability for air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots of your grass. With the removal of small plugs of grass, you may see an explosion of growth.
  • Stay Off the Lawn – Rain loosens the soil making it easier to compact. It also makes it easier to tear and damage your grass blades. Therefore, when it rains, it is best to stay off the lawn.

Professional Landscapers in Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol, Tennessee

The illustrious picture-perfect lawns you only see in magazines and television can be a reality for your home. With the proper grass choice and maintenance, your lawn could be the envy of every neighbor that drives past your home. If you have questions or would like to learn more about lawn care, feel free to contact your friendly lawn care experts in the Tri-Cities at Promier Landscapes by calling (423) 246-7977 or contact us online.