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Don’t Fall for these Spring Lawn Maintenance Mistakes

lawn maintenance mistakesKingsport, TN

Warmer weather means your world opens up to the outdoors, where you can begin preparing your lawn for the growing season. Whether you have a checklist printed out that you go by each year or a mental rundown of your spring lawn maintenance activities, Double checking the list for common lawn maintenance mistakes can reduce problems and dramatically increase growth potential. Therefore, our Kingsport landscaping experts at Promier Landscapes share common mistakes to avoid to ensure a healthy, thriving lawn that’s barefoot approved.

Cutting Your Grass Too Short

The optimal height for most types of grass is 3 to 3.5 inches during summer mowing. When you leave the grass longer, you will need to cut it sooner, and it blocks crucial life-sustaining substances such as sunlight and water from reaching the soil. Conversely, when you cut the grass too short, you may notice weeds, the grass may change color, or it may begin to die from too much sun and heat. Furthermore, cutting your yard with a dull blade and mowing the grass too short could cause damage, making it susceptible to health problems and diseases. Our Bristol landscaping pros recommend that homeowners use freshly sharpened mower blades to mow their lawns.

Watering Your Lawn Any Time of Day

Part of maintaining a healthy lawn requires watering your grass correctly and efficiently. Although it may be tempting to water your property in the afternoon during the day’s heat, Kingsport’s best lawn maintenance companies agree that it’s best to water your lawn during the early morning or late evening hours for maximum results. You can drastically reduce evaporation by watering within one of those time frames due to cooler temperatures. Additionally, the increased water absorption rates will boost growth. Finally, it can determine success or failure for most lawns during extreme weather or drought.

Watering Your Lawn Every Day

Every day, watering your lawn may be tempting, especially when you have new grass seeds or sweltering temperatures. Unfortunately, excessive daily watering can increase fungal growth risks, which is a direct attack on your yard. Therefore, our Bristol landscapers recommend watering your lawn every three days when there is no rain. Furthermore, deep watering your grass promotes more profound root growth useful during drought.

Custom Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems are Not Cost-Effective

Watering your lawn with a traditional sprinkler that attaches to a water hose fails to provide consistent and even coverage. Unfortunately, any overspray that falls on driveways or sidewalks becomes wasted and costly. As a result, many homeowners invest in irrigation and sprinkler systems to make maintenance tasks more manageable, rather than lugging around a sprinkler and water hose. Our Johnson City custom irrigation installers can recommend an effective system suitable to your property’s needs.

Landscapers in Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol, Tennessee

Running through your yard barefooted during warm months is possible when you properly maintain your lawn and avoid the above mistakes. No matter your lawn’s condition this spring, our Kingsport lawn care pros have a solution to create the barefooted bliss you desire. To find out more about spring lawn maintenance in Kingsport or schedule an appointment, please call Promier Landscapes at (423) 246-7977 or contact us online today.