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Guide to Spring Lawncare

spring lawn tipsKingsport, TN

Spring is a robust growth season for your lawn that can set the tone for a healthy, lush landscape that’s enjoyable year-round. But, after harsh winter conditions, your grass needs some attention to restore its vitality this spring. Our Tri-Cities area lawn maintenance pros at Promier Landscapes share on the blog today a guide to spring lawn care so that you can boost your lawn’s health and have a yard envied throughout the neighborhood.

Clean and Inspect

In many cases, homeowners cease examining their lawns during the winter season. Unfortunately, your yard could suffer damage from freezing winter temperatures and harsh winds. Therefore, our Kingsport landscaping experts advise homeowners to inspect their lawn for possible damage as the weather begins to warm. For example, snow mold is a common lawn disease in the early spring. The fungus appears after the snow melts and is common on landscapes that experience early snows over the unfrozen ground. Then, remove debris created from winter snow to protect your family and your lawn mower’s safety. In addition, debris removal can help reduce thatch buildup responsible for poor growth. Next, contact our lawn care experts for an appointment to determine the best fertilizer, weed control, and other lawn treatments in Kingsport that encourage healthy growth during the spring and summer.

Overseeding and Aeration

Since spring is the optimum season for growth, overseeding and aerating your lawn can help fill in bald areas or thicken your turf overall. Aeration, followed by overseeding can help you introduce fresh seed into troubled lawn areas, which allows more water, nutrients, and air to reach the roots, resulting in growth. Furthermore, the new seed goes deeper into the soil, germinating instead of remaining on the surface for birds and insects. Moreover, aeration can help reduce soil compaction, improve heat and drought tolerance, and boost resiliency, giving you a lush green lawn. Promier Landscapes provides lawn aeration services in Kingsport and Johnson City.

Fertilize and Control Weeds

Fertilizing your lawn as part of your spring lawn care activities is an investment in your turf that can provide considerable returns. For example, healthy grass growth can help choke out unwanted weeds. However, understanding lawn fertilizer, lime, or weed control products is crucial when matching them to your lawn care needs and preferences. Therefore, when you call Promier Landscapes for weed control in Kingsport, we schedule an appointment with you to inspect your property and determine the best actions for your fertilization and weed control needs. We may recommend a specialized fertilizer or a pre or post-emergence weed control treatment based on our findings. Unfortunately, the same level of expertise cannot be expected when hiring TruGreen for weed control and fertilizing treatments. National lawn maintenance companies like this do not require any knowledge of lawn care. Hiring a company like TruGreen could end up costing you more in the long run!

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Springtime lawn care is vital to your turf’s beauty and survival. Taking extra time to clean and examine, overseed and aerate, fertilize and control weeds can yield a stunning lawn that can withstand extreme weather conditions year-round. Our Kingsport lawn maintenance providers encourage you to contact Promier Landscapes today to consult with a pro about your spring lawn care needs. Please call (423) 246-7977 or contact us online for an appointment.