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How to Show your Lawn some Love this February

show your lawn some loveKingsport, TN

To have a great-looking lawn all year long requires plenty of time, labor, and TLC. That means working on your lawn even when it’s not prime growing and mowing season. Your landscaping professionals in Kingsport at Promier Landscapes came up with this list of ways you can show your lawn some love this February.

Step 1: Check trees and shrubs

Your trees and shrubs in East Tennessee are hardy enough to last through the winter, but they’re not invulnerable. Do a little prep now so that they can have a fabulous growing season. We recommend pruning any shrubs and trees that sustained damage during the winter and pruning rose bushes as soon as possible once you notice buds begin to swell. If you have any trees and shrubs that are vulnerable to cold, be ready to take precautions during a freeze.

Step 2: Check your lawn

When you survey your grass, what do you see? It might appear dormant, but there can be plenty going on under the surface of the ground. Get ready for the spring by looking for any weeds, then treat them with a post-emergence herbicide. To keep your crabgrass in check this year, apply a pre-emergent herbicide—but wait until the temperature of your soil tops 55 degrees Fahrenheit. And, as always, do your best to stay off any frozen grass.

Step 3: Start lawn maintenance now

Spring cleaning doesn’t just apply to your home. Your lawn needs a good once-over before the growing season begins in earnest. As soon as the ground begins to thaw, you should get a jump start on your lawn care for the coming year. Check any and all power tools and sharpen tools and lawnmower blades. If you have a compost pile, turn it. If you have a garden, till it. Get any seed flats going indoors where they can be exposed to bright but indirect light.

Step 4: Annuals and Container Plants

Whether you brought them in for the winter or not, any plants you have in containers need attention prior to the return of warm weather. Apply winter-blooming fertilizer to any annuals that bloom in cold weather. Make sure your annuals have enough water. And, if you want to have poppies in your garden, plant them for spring by sprinkling the seeds during the final snow of winter.

Lawn Care Expertise in Johnson City

Keeping up a proper lawn can be a big commitment: of time, money, and labor. Promier Landscapes is here to handle all the work for you. We can handle everything from mowing and weeding to plant care, irrigation, and plant disease prevention. Our full-time maintenance clients benefit from yearlong lawn care, edging, weed eating, and cleanup, plus weeding of landscaper beds, trimming of hedges and shrubs, the clearing of debris, and more. To learn more about our services, call (423) 246-7977 to schedule a consultation with our landscaping professionals.

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