identifying weeds in east tn

Identifying Common East Tennessee Weeds

identifying weeds in east tnKingsport, TN

Weeds are a problem that exists in most East Tennessee yards. From clover, crabgrass, creeping charlie, and dandelions, these are common weeds that can invade and take over your beautiful lush lawn. Although sometimes it feels like you are doing everything you can to control these invaders, they still emerge. However, by identifying common East Tennessee weeds and working with your leading landscaping company in the Tri-Cities, Promier Landscapes, action can be taken for treatment so your lawn could achieve its weed-free potential.


As one of the most common low growing weeds in the country, clover can plague your yard. When you look out across your lawn and see small white flowers popping up that you have not intentionally planted, you more than likely have a clover infestation. Although the clover blooms may be beautiful, this common weed could quickly spread, compromising grass growth and health.


Just like the name, crabgrass resembles the look of a crab. With the body in the center, the blades of crabgrass grow parallel with the soil instead of upright as other grasses do. Crabgrass begins to germinate in the spring and thrives in the summer heat. Therefore, treatment with herbicides for crabgrass is most effective before the temperature of the soil reaches between 55 to 60 degrees. Your professional landscaping company in Kingsport at Promier Landscapes can assist you with the herbicide process if you believe crabgrass is taking over your lawn in the summer. 

Creeping Charlie

Even though creeping charlie can be a pretty ground cover plant, they can rob your natural grass of essential nutrients needed to sustain growth. With kidney-shaped leaves that are shiny and green with scalloped edges, it may feel like a shame removing these beauties from your lawn. However, left untreated, creeping charlie could quickly take over your landscape as it spreads rapidly. Therefore, you may benefit from professional lawn care maintenance in Bristol to assist you in the removal of creeping charlie.


Children of all ages love to blow the seeds from the tops of dandelions during the spring and early summer months. The spread of the seeds could cause new plants to sprout, and before you know it, you have dandelions popping up everywhere! If you desire to keep the dandelions at bay, your residential landscapers in Johnson City could assist you in the removal of these weeds.  

East Tennessee Weed Control in Kingsport, Bristol, and Johnson City

As a homeowner or business owner, a lush green lawn might be your goal without the worry of clover, crabgrass, creeping charlie, or dandelions. When you notice these East Tennessee weeds are getting out of hand in your lawn, contact the professional lawn care technicians in the Tri-Cities area at Promier Landscapes. With our assistance in lawn maintenance, you could have a weed-free yard to enjoy all season long. Feel free to contact Promier Landscapes by calling (423) 246-7977 or request a consultation through our website if you are interested in residential or commercial landscaping in Bristol, Johnson City, or Kingsport.