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Lawn Maintenance Services to get rid of Crabgrass in Kingsport

Kingsport, TN

Getting rid of or preventing crabgrass from infiltrating your lawn can seem like an uphill battle. Once temperatures reach about 55 degrees, crabgrass seeds sprout and take hold in lawns, spreading during the warmer months and into the fall. Although crabgrass dies off every winter, it leaves behind seeds that remain dormant until the following spring. Most homeowners agree that crabgrass is ugly, but there are other downsides to ignoring this annual weed in your yard. So today on the blog, Promier Landscapes shares lawn maintenance services to get rid of crabgrass in Kingsport and why you shouldn’t ignore this common weed.

How to get rid of crabgrass in Kingsport lawns

Herbicides are commonly used to kill unwanted weeds. However, they kill everything, including grass, if not applied properly. While selective herbicides allow you to kill certain weeds without harming your grass, these chemicals do not kill crabgrass. Therefore, the best way to get rid of crabgrass in Kingsport is to hire a professional company that offers weed control services.

At Promier Landscapes, we offer pre-emergent weed control that won’t harm your lush green grass. Pre-emergent weed control prevents seeds from sprouting in the first place, unlike store-bought weed killers that are applied after weeds are already established and rooted into the soil. It’s best to apply pre-emergent weed control in Kingsport before you see crabgrass growing in your yard. Promier Landscapes recommends weed control services in Kingsport during early spring before crabgrass seeds sprout.

If you spot crabgrass on your lawn and see blades forming, it’s too late for pre-emergent, although a post-emergent treatment may be an ideal choice for eliminating this weed. Post-emergent treatments, if applied properly by a professional landscaper, kills living crabgrass without causing harm to your grass. So, if you miss the opportunity to schedule an appointment for lawn care maintenance services this spring, we can still help you get rid of crabgrass later in the season.

Why you should control crabgrass in your yard

Some homeowners may wonder, what’s the big deal with crabgrass? After all, it’s green, looks kind of like grass, and takes money to control. Why bother? Well, our professional landscapers want you to know that ignoring crabgrass could be detrimental to your actual grass. Crabgrass is not grass, it’s a weed, and weeds zap and water from the soil, robbing grass (the stuff you want to keep) of the necessary nutrition it needs to thrive. And the longer you ignore weeds in your lawn, the more effort and longer it takes to foster beautiful, lush green grass. Additionally, we recommend that homeowners not try to eliminate crabgrass using store-bought herbicides because you could easily end up destroying the grass you actually want to keep. Therefore, if you spot crabgrass in your yard, contact a company in Kingsport that offers weed control services, like Promier Landscapes.

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