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The Best Tips for Fertilizing your Lawn this Fall

fertilizing lawn this fallKingsport, TN

Your fall to-do list for lawn and garden care probably include items like leaf removal or snow preparation. Although it may seem too early, fall is the right time to think about your yard for the upcoming spring. After blistering temperatures in the Tri-Cities area during summer, there is little left of your lawn’s root system. Restoring the root system before the arrival of cooler autumn days is necessary to prepare your lawn before it goes dormant in the winter. Your leading lawn care professionals in Kingsport at Promier Landscapes are sharing the best tips for fertilizing your lawn this fall so you can enjoy the lush benefits in the spring.

Why is fall a good time to fertilize my lawn?

Stress on your grass caused by heat and low moisture during the summer months severely damages your lawn. During the fall months, the days are shorter, the temperatures are lower, and more moisture reaches the ground instead of evaporating. Fertilizing your yard during the summer recovery time feeds the process and should result in a beautiful lawn come spring. Your Johnson City professional lawn care company, Promier Landscapes, advise focusing on the root system in the colder months leading to winter, so your grass stores life-sustaining nutrients throughout the winter. The ample root system helps the plants grow as they emerge from dormancy in the spring. With proper fertilization in the fall, you could experience greener grass for more extended periods and may see the lawn green up earlier the following spring.

When is the best time to begin fertilization?

There is no precise date or time when you should begin fertilization efforts, but it should start based on the weather patterns in the Tri-Cities area. The lawn care professionals near you in Bristol at Promier Landscapes recommend fertilization when the temperatures begin to moderate around early to mid-September and up until the ground freezes. However, the sooner you fertilize your lawn, the better, so you get the most benefit out of your fertilization efforts.

What are the critical ingredients for a quality fall lawn fertilizer?

Nitrogen is the critical ingredient for your lawn fertilizer as it assists the grass in processing nutrients and allows the spreading of the roots. Fertilizer manufactured for your lawn encourages vegetative growth, meaning the growth of leaves. However, your qualified lawn care specialists in Kingsport at Promier Landscapes recommend a separate fertilizer for your garden, flower beds, and shrubs. The fertilizers for the additional areas of your yard encourage blooming, so it is best to speak with a qualified landscaper when purchasing your fertilizer.

How do I apply a lawn fertilizer?

Experts throughout the country agree that the most crucial step in fertilizing your lawn yourself is to read and carefully follow the instructions on the packaging for best results. The recommendations will share vital information about how much fertilizer you should use, and which spreader works best. Fertilizer applied to your lawn should be cast evenly over your complete lawn to avoid striping. Striping occurs when a pattern emerges of dark and light patchy areas where the uneven distribution of fertilizer occurred. The experienced lawn care company in Johnson City near you, Promier Landscapes, recommends using a broadcast spreader to distribute fertilizer over your lawn evenly. A broadcast spreader has a hopper you fill with fertilizer that uses a spinning disk below to throw the substance across the yard. Lawn care experts agree that using more fertilizer on your lawn does not necessarily mean a healthier lawn. With the proper amount of fertilizer administered most effectively, you could enjoy a lush green paradise in the spring. 

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Once the heat of the summer gives way to cooler fall temperatures, it is time to begin fertilizing your lawn for the following spring. With a lower competition from pests and crabgrass in the fall, your yard can prepare for the upcoming winter and spring seasons. If you have questions about fertilizing your lawn or want to know more about aeration and seeding services offered in the fall by your professional Bristol landscaping company, Promier Landscapes, feel free to contact our office at (423) 246-7977 or contact us online today.