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What Kingsport Homeowners need to know about Soil pH

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Soil health can either encourage plant growth or lead to unhealthy plants or cause them to die. Poor soil conditions create an inhabitable environment that stunts growth. Good soil conditions make a lush green lawn with unlimited growth potential. General maintenance on your lawn should occur regularly to keep your property healthy and include fertilization, proper mowing, watering, fall aeration, and weed control. However, the lawncare experts in Johnson City at Promier Landscapes share what Kingsport homeowners need to know about soil pH and how lime and sulfur can adjust the balance for a growth boost.

What is the best lawn pH level?

According to the Kingsport professional landscapers, soil pH measures acidity or alkalinity and significantly influences overall lawn health. The optimum pH level is between 6.0 and 7.0, and any reading higher or lower could cause unfortunate damage to your turf’s health. Once your pH level falls below 6.0, your soil is acidic and could benefit from a lime treatment to alkalize it. When your pH level rises above 7.0, your soil is alkaline and should receive sulfur treatment.

What causes a pH imbalance in soil?

Your geographic region can naturally influence your lawn’s pH levels. For example, some areas of the country are naturally acidic, while others are too alkaline. When soil lacks critical nutrients such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium, it becomes acidic due to poor soil drainage and heavy rainfall. Conversely, highly alkaline soil tends to reside in dry climate areas. However, the Bristol landscaping experts explain that you can rebalance your soil’s pH for optimum growth with a bit of work.

How can I test my soil pH level?

Testing your soil pH level is simple enough to do it yourself. Collect two tablespoons of soil into a bowl and add ½ cup of vinegar. If it begins to fizz, you have alkaline soil. However, if you repeat the experiment mixing the soil with distilled water and ½ cup of baking soda, you can test for acidity. Some homeowners prefer the professional opinion of pH levels from gardening experts or the landscaping pros in the Tri-Cities area. Collect soil samples and take them to your local nursery for testing and supplies to rebalance your soil pH balance.

What can I do to rebalance my lawn’s pH level?      

Our experienced Johnson City landscapers favor the fall season for balancing your lawn’s pH levels. The type and amount of material you need for a balanced property will depend on your soil type. Over-applying lime or sulfur can damage your soil by drastically shifting conditions to the other end of the spectrum. Therefore, have a professional lawn care company assist you in not only determining the pH level of your soil but help through the application process to ensure you maintain a healthy lawn.

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Kingsport homeowners strive to have a lush green lawn each growing season. Your yard can flourish with the proper soil conditions and provide you years of beauty and curb appeal. If you have questions about soil pH balance or would like assistance with your lawn care, feel free to contact the professional Kingsport lawncare company, Promier Landscapes, at (423) 246-7977 or connect with us online.