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What Topdressing means and how it can help your Soil

topdressing to help lawnKingsport, TN

Topdressing is not what you dollop on your salad. It’s an organic method of enriching your lawn without chemicals. Many homeowners want to see a green lawn as fast as possible and let local lawn care companies spread fast-absorbing chemicals onto their soil or on their lawns. However, topdressing or adding a thin layer of soil or compost on your lawn has become more popular lately, especially if you want a more organic approach to soil improvement. Your Tri-Cities lawncare pros at Promier Landscapes have provided some important information about topdressing your lawn.

Origins of Topdressing     

Topdressing got started in Scotland at the St. Andrew’s golf course over 100 years ago. It helped with soil compaction in areas that saw high traffic and with the greening of the course. It is now common practice all over Canadian golf courses. Topdressing depends on the condition of the soil and the amount of thatch, and what you want to achieve.

Topdressing for Homeowners

Topdressing over your lawn in the spring after you have seeded the lawn will encourage the new growth. Topdressing soil, compost or sand is evenly applied in a thin layer, typically ¼ inch or less, for a variety of purposes. Topdressing can be used to smooth the surface of the lawn. It can reduce thatch build-up (grass that has been pulled up and is decomposing) by encouraging more rapid decomposition. In the fall, topdressing can be used while there are 2-3 mowings left in the year so it will have a chance to work into the soil and grow a bit before any severe cold temperatures. After aerating every 2-3 years, it is a good idea to use top dressing after seeding, also.

Topdressing gradually improves soil after a while. As organic matter breaks down, it makes its way through the existing soil to improve its overall health.

Topdressing can also help:

  • Low spots in the lawn caused by rotting tree roots, dips in the lawn after underground pipe or cable installations, or erosion
  • Uneven terrain caused by winter freezing and thawing, tunnelling creatures like voles or moles, or general soil settling over time
  • low-lying places where water pools
  • Bare spots from various causes, such as variations in soil texture and nutrients, heat, drought, or other environmental influences
  • Nutrients that have been lost due to leaching or repeated use of chemical fertilizers

Overall benefits

Natural, organic materials on your lawns are always better than chemicals. Topdressing can improve drainage and provides more drought resistance. It can even out your terrain (this is why it is so good on golf courses). When you use the topdressing method, you reduce the need for additional fertilizers. Your turf becomes much healthier and a real show lawn for organic gardening.

Fall Lawn Care in Kingsport

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