which is better aerating or verticutting

Which is Better, Aerating or Verticutting

which is better aerating or verticuttingKingsport, TN

There are two techniques when it comes to seeding a lawn in Kingsport: aerating and verticutting. But, which method is the best? This varies on a case-by-case basis. Your local Kingsport lawn experts at Promier Landscapes are here to help, providing this guide on how to determine which technique is correct for you.

Aerating refers to the technique of punching holes in the lawn, which are between three-quarters of an inch and 3 inches deep. When a lawn is aerated, the soil expands. Also, there is a decrease in the compaction that occurs from foot traffic and being baked in the high heat of the summer season. Reducing the compaction encourages better development of roots. Aeration also helps control the build-up of thatch—the layer of grass between the green top growth and the grass’s roots. When you aerate, it has the effect of bringing soil cores back to the surface, where they then filter down into the thatch layer. This adds microbes to the thatch, speeding its decomposition and having the same effect as composting your grass clippings.

Over seeding after aeration allows some of the newly spread seed to germinate in the holes, which thickens the lawn. However, remember that the grass only grows in holes spaced at least 6 inches apart. Aeration is not recommended for bare areas or those with extremely thin grass; it is better served to maintain or thicken fescue lawns.

Verticutting uses a machine that looks similar to a standard lawn mower but has vertical blades. A verticutter makes small grooves in the lawn, down through the layer of thatch, which allows seed to drop down deep into the soil. This allows long lines of new grass to grow up through the thatch, especially benefiting thin or bare areas of the lawn. Verticutting provides a more even look to your lawn.

The best technique for re-seeding lawns

Grass growth is tied to having good seed-to-soil contact. The more you work the soil, the better it will germinate and the deeper the seed will work into the ground. For thin and bare lawns, follow these steps:

  • Aerate the lawn
  • Verticut in one direction
  • Apply seed
  • Verticut in the opposite direction

Follow these steps, and you will form a good seed bed in an established lawn, working the seed into the soil and restoring your lawn to its former glory.

Professional lawn care in Johnson City

Aerating and verticutting a lawn the right way makes a big difference in producing a lush surface. However, it can be easy to make a mistake. Why not trust that work to the professionals? At Promier Landscapes, we offer a wide variety of landscaping services and have experience working with all kinds of lawns, in a wide range of different conditions. Call us at (423) 246-7977 to learn more about our services and receive an estimate from a member of our staff.

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