Lawn Fertilization & Maintenance

We know that a program for lawn fertilization and weed control that works in one neighboring area may not be right for another. So we tailor our lawn care services to the local climate and growing conditions in our area. We also know that different people have individual preferences for turf care. That’s why we offer you choices.

Here are the key benefits of proper lawn care fertilizing and weed control:

• Thicker, greener turf

• Fewer weeds

• A healthier, more attractive lawn

• A heartier, more stress-resistant lawn

As a full service landscape and irrigation company, Promier Landscapes covers all aspects of turf care and maintenance. Our professional landscape design team and service crews are experienced in all kinds of turf care and landscape design. We recognize that protecting the investment clients make in landscape beautification is essential to our business success and customer satisfaction. As professionals we take pride in being up to date on all the latest products for turf care.

So much goes into turf maintenance and lawn care. To keep landscaping in prime condition and health Promier Landscapes offers complete turf fertilization and weed control programs. These programs provide scheduled applications of the appropriate types of fertilizer and weed control products at critical times of the year.

Weeds are a blight on any lawn. We want you to have the beautiful lawn that you deserve. Before the growing season begins, we apply the pre-emergent herbicides that help to prevent weed seed growth from the start. These products kill weeds but not turf. The time for post-emergents is later in the season. These will kill any unsightly weeds that happen to germinate. Our granular fertilizers give turf the boost it requires for thick, healthy and green growth throughout the growing season.