keep mower running smoothly

Guide to keeping your Mower running Smoothly

keep mower running smoothlyKingsport, TN

Lawn care is not for the faint of heart, especially as the mercury rises, which it certainly does here in East Tennessee! But, just because your lawn is freshly cut, the hedges are trimmed, and the weeds are gone, doesn’t mean that your job is over just yet. Taking care of your lawn mower and garden tools are essential to protecting your investment. There is a certain amount of frustration that comes along with that moment you desperately need to mow your lawn, yet your lawn mower decides to be on the fritz. This is why the lawn care experts in Kingsport at Promier Landscapes has put together this guide to help you care for your lawn mower. 

Clean your lawn mower after each use

You may be tempted to shove that lawn mower back into its resting place once you are done cutting your grass. But, be sure that you take a few minutes to clean it off. Dedicate an old broom or brush that you can use to dust off any grass clippings, which otherwise would become caked onto your mower and cause problems later on. Make sure the motor has completely shut off and no longer is running, and then use your hands to safely remove any caked on grass from around the blade.

Once a year, after you unplug your electric mower or remove the gas tank from your gas powered machine, use some mild soap and water to give it a good wash. It can air dry outside before storing it away. This is best if done at the end of the mowing season.

Clean or replace air filter

Your lawn mower’s air filter should be cleaned at least once or twice a year. To do this, simply remove the filter and place it into a bucket with soapy water. Rinse well, and then allow the filter to air dry, and place it back into the mower. You can only get by with washing it so many times before the filter needs replacing. You may need to replace it about once a year, but discard it if it is torn or has any holes in it, or just doesn’t seem to come clean with a good washing.

Replace the spark plug and oil

Once a year, replace your lawn mower’s oil and spark plug. This is a simple job that can be done as a DIY project if you have the proper tools.

Keep the mower blade sharpened

You don’t want to cut your grass with a dull blade because it can damage the grass and make it unhealthy and not so pretty to look at. It is best to keep an extra blade on hand so that when your old one becomes dull, you can swap them out without missing a beat. Just be sure to sharpen the old blade so that it is ready to swap out the next time.

Empty the gas tank

At the end of the mowing season, burn off any remaining gas by allowing your lawn mower to run in a safe and secure place. It is best to monitor this process to prevent any injuries, and do not allow kids or pets to play around the mower during this process.

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