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Pavers are a commonly used and attractive way to construct a flat hardscape, such as a driveway, patio, or walkway. Pavers are usually made from a type of brick or concrete that varies in styles, shapes, tones, and patterns. Pavers are stronger and more durable than asphalt or regular concrete. Pavers are also more environmentally friendly by allowing water to drain through the gaps between pavers into an underlying bed of crushed stone, unlike asphalt and regular concrete where standing water collects oils and other chemicals.

A plus to choosing a paver driveway versus concrete or asphalt is the durability, lasting upwards of 25-50 years. Also, if you ever desire to replace a section of the paver a professional can easily replace only a particular section instead of renovating the entire area. Another draw to pavers is there is no curing period, unlike concrete, which can take a week or more to cure. A paver driveway can also provide more traction when wet, providing safer ground to walk on. Pavers can add elegance to any outdoor living space and are designed to add the perfect ambiance for your enjoyment, both now and years to come. Promier Landscapes help you decide which hardscape options will work best for you.

Promier Landscapes Inc. specializes in patio, walkway, driveway paver installation for all of east Tennessee including Kingsport, Bristol (VA and TN), Johnson City, Greeneville and Elizabethon.  To get a free quote or to speak with us about all of our paver installation services contact us today!

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