myths about saltwater pools

Busting myths about Saltwater Pools

myths about saltwater poolsKingsport, TN

Summer will be here before we know it, and you may be thinking about adding a pool or upgrading your older pool. Most people associate swimming pools with chlorine and never consider a saltwater pool installation in the Tri-Cities. If you haven’t thought about saltwater pools, you should. Pool contractors in Johnson City at Promier Landscapes are to educate you regarding some of the myths surrounding saltwater pools.

Myth 1: Saltwater pools do not contain any chlorine 

A saltwater pool also uses chlorine to keep the water sanitized—albeit through a salt chlorine generator, which is installed in the pool plumbing. A low voltage current passes over metal blades inside the generator, causing a process known as electrolysis that separates water molecules into hydrogen and hypochlorous acid—the active, bacteria-killing agent in pool chlorine. Using a saltwater pool not only keeps your pool clean just like traditional chlorine pools, but the generator means that you never have to add chemical chlorine to your pool water. This type of chlorine also is of higher quality than chemically produced chlorine.

Myth 2: The water in a saltwater pool will taste salty and irritate your skin and eyes

The concentration of salt in saltwater pools is, in fact, lower than the salt content in ocean water. Your taste buds cannot detect the presence of salt, and the concentration of salt is low enough that there is no residue left behind on your skin and hair. Actually, the water in a saltwater pool does less damage to your hair and skin than the chemical chlorine that you are used to in traditional pools. Moreover, the chlorine generated by saltwater is free of that undeniable odor of bleach and chlorine. The concentration of salt in a saltwater pool is comparable to the saline solution used to clean contact lenses.

Myth 3: A saltwater pool requires minimal maintenance, compared to traditional pools

This is actually not the case and one of the drawbacks to a saltwater pool. Not only will the owner have to work to maintain the proper balance of the pool water to keep the chlorine generator functioning at its best, but you also need to have special equipment because, even at its low concentrations, the sodium in saltwater pools is still corrosive. This can damage ladders, diving boards, and other equipment unless you buy special salt-tolerant equipment, which may cost more than its standard counterparts. You also will need to replace the salt cell in the generator about once every three and five years, which may cost as much as $750 to $1,000 to replace.

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