how much does it cost to get a pool

How much does it cost to get a Pool in Kingsport?

how much does it cost to get a poolKingsport, TN

A swimming pool can be a tremendous addition to your home. It increases property value while providing a constant source of exercise and fun for you and your loved ones. But, if you’ve thought about getting a pool, you’ve probably tried to do the math on just how expensive it will be. Promier Landscapes, your professional pool installers in Kingsport, are here to help you consider all the factors and determine the true cost of getting a pool for your home.

Location matters

If you live in a place with a high cost of living, you can expect to pay more to have your pool constructed and installed. estimates the cost of living in Kingsport at 81.1, with 100 representing the national average. That’s also 1.1% lower than the cost of living in nearby Johnson City.

You also have to factor in the requirements of your municipality. What permits are required to build a pool in Kingsport? If you live in one of the subdivisions, do you have to pay any additional fees or costs as part of the rules and regulations of your neighborhood? You also need to determine the location of any and all underground utility lines on your property.

When you work with a qualified, experienced swimming pool contractor in Kingsport like the ones at Promier Landscapes, you’re hiring the services of a professional expert who can guide you through every aspect of the pool construction process. We know how to factor in soil type and topography in estimating the cost of a job. A sloped yard will require more labor to place the pool, as will having soil that is rocky or hard.

The bigger the pool, the more expensive it will be

This seems self-explanatory, but it speaks to the importance of choosing a pool that meets both your expectations as far as activities and also can be integrated with the size of your yard. You may want to use your pool for exercise, but a lap pool has to have a very large amount of space. If you want to use your pool for diving, it needs to be deeper, which means more digging and higher construction costs.

Shape and materials both play a role

Have you ever noticed that many pools are rectangular in shape? This is because a pool of this design is the most cost-effective option out there. Maybe a rectangular-shaped pool doesn’t fit the layout of your yard. Maybe you want something of a different shape or influenced by a certain architectural style.

Pool cost also is influenced by the materials used in the construction. Vinyl pools, for example, have the lowest price and also are the easiest to install. A concrete pool is strong, durable, but very labor-intensive. Fiberglass pools come pre-fabricated in an assortment of different shapes and sizes and have a higher upfront cost.

Your pool project is about more than just the pool

You’re going to want some sort of decking surrounding your pool. No matter what material you choose—be it natural stone, concrete, brick, tile, or even wood—you have to add that to the cost. You also have to account for amenities. Some of these are going to be a must, like safety features. You probably will have to install a fence surrounding the pool area. Other creature comforts that add to the price include water features, diving boards, lighting, covers, and more.

Pool Construction in Kingsport

Promier Landscapes has licensed pool contractors who can transform your yard by installing a beautiful in-ground pool. We work with both concrete and fiberglass pools and can tailor the project to fit your wants, the layout of your property, and your budget. To find out more, schedule a consultation with an experienced swimming pool contractor near you in Kingsport by calling (423) 246-7977.

Promier Landscapes is proud to offer pool construction and installation services to our customers in the areas of Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol in Tennessee.