best type pool for your yard

What type of Pool is best for your Backyard?

best type pool for your yardKingsport, TN

Your vision of the perfect pool could involve a fire pit or outdoor grilling feature, accompanied by a custom-lit entertaining space for guests. It may involve a large pool with a diving board for your children. No matter what you envision, licensed pool contracts in Kingsport at Promier Landscapes can build the pool of your dreams. Choosing the right kind of pool can seem complicated, but you also have to match your goals with what’s right for your needs. That’s why we created this guide to help you decide what type of pool is best for your backyard.

Types of Pools

Picking the right type of pool for your space is an important decision. Some of the most popular varieties of pools, and the advantages of each kind, include:

  • Gunite Concrete: Concrete pools offer one benefit no other type of pool can match—they can be made into a completely customizable shape, whether you want something non-traditional or a more standard shape and size. Gunite concrete pools also have a rougher surface. Algae thrive on this type of surface, so you’ll have to use more chemicals to maintain your water’s pH balance. Promier Landscapes constructs customized in-ground pools, and can even add a spa or water feature to compliment your pool.
  • Infinity: One of the popular trends in pools, this option offers vanishing edges. These luxurious pools are known for their ability to calm owners with their ambient sounds. Water flowing over the edges of these pools creates the ultimate fantasy aspects.
  • Plunge: These pools are shallower and often smaller, and most often are used to help with relaxation. If you’re looking for relaxation and luxury in a relatively small space, this is the type of pool you need.

Saltwater or Chlorine?

After deciding on the material used to create your custom pool in Kingsport, you need to decide how to chlorinate your pool. Saltwater pools require fewer chemicals to disinfect, which makes the water gentler on bathing suits, pool toys, and hair, skin, and eyes. This is ideal for families with young children or for individuals that spend a great deal of time in the water. However, saltwater pools do cost more to maintain and require professional maintenance. The pricey initial investment might turn some buyers to choosing a chlorinated pool instead.

Chlorine pools, on the other hand, cost less initially and can be maintained on your own without the need to hire a pro. However, chlorine is a harsh chemical that may irritate the skin or eyes. Plus, you have to remain diligent at maintaining the proper pH balance of your water to ensure it is safe to swim in. When choosing between the two, know that chlorine pools are cheaper to maintain, but require daily diligence, and saltwater pools are easier to care for in the long run, although cost more upfront.

Custom Pool Design and Installation in Kingsport

You may not be sure what option is best for you. Our staff at Promier Landscapes can help. We can handle every aspect of your custom pool design and installation. If you’re located in Kingsport, Johnson City or Bristol, Tennessee, we can oversee the entire project from design to construction to regular pool maintenance. Contact Promier Landscapes by calling (423) 246-7977 or fill out our Contact Form to schedule an appointment with one of our design professionals.