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Which Pool is Right for you? Follow this Guide

which pool is right for youKingsport, TN

So, you’ve decided to think about adding a swimming pool to your home in Johnson City. This can be a dream scenario, provided that you make good choices. A new pool that matches current trends and is well-maintained can be more than a gathering point for friends and family during the warmer weather; it also can add significant value to your home. However, choosing the wrong pool that suits your needs can be a very expensive mistake. That’s why the pool design experts at Promier Landscapes have written this guide to help you determine which type of pool is best for you and your home in Kingsport.

There are three main types of pool designs:

  • Architectural: Characterized by long, straight lines and sharp, 90-degree angles, this type of pool is constructed to mimic the style of your home and usually has a more sleek, formal look because of the prevalence of the clean lines. Since the goal is to match your home, stone features can be integrated to match any element of your home ranging from the look of its stone features to the color of your roof tiles or even another outdoor feature in your yard like a gazebo or pergola.
  • Traditional: Usually constructed in a symmetrical geographical shape, traditional pools are either Roman—rectangular in shape, with rounded corners—or Grecian, with 45-degree angles in the corners of the rectangular configuration. Traditional pools often are used as lap pools and may have half circles added at either end or one of the longer sides of the rectangle.
  • Freeform: Curves and smooth lines give this type of pool the look of a natural pond. Ideal for yards that do not have a traditional shape, a freeform pool can maximize the available space. You may see this type of pool with a circular spa or even a circular table stationed in one of the curves. 

What features do you want for your pool?

These features should be tailored to your own unique desires and needs, based on your family and what you want out of your new pool.

Maybe you have young children and want to create a large shallow area for them to be able to play. In that case, a Baja step could be right for you. This is a shallow area constructed near the pool steps, which also can be nice for tanning or just relaxing. Lighting is a must for night swimming and makes it possible to cool off with an evening swim at the end of a long, hot day. Plan on entertaining at your new pool? You may want to add a swim-up bar, where your guests can grab drinks or snacks without having to leave the water.

Make sure you don’t neglect safety equipment, such as several accessible climbing rails, at least one set of steps, and poolside equipment such as floatation devices, life jackets, a throwing rope, a rescue hook, and a reaching pole.

Pool Contractors in Kingsport

Many people dream about having a pool at their home. The professional pool designers at Promier Landscapes use experience and expertise to make your dream into a reality. We have worked on designing pools for all different types of homes and will be happy to work on your project. Take the next step by scheduling a consultation with one of our designers by calling our office at (423) 246-7977.

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