Retaining Walls

R etaining walls are another type of hardscape commonly used for erosion control and to mitigate areas of land that encompass dramatic changes in elevation. Retaining walls can be made of various materials, but the most commonly used are concrete, stone veneer, and brick. Retaining walls are mostly used in drastic changes of elevation as a means to hold dirt and the ground back. When building a retaining wall, the base, backfill, draining, and height are important aspect to consider as well as moisture control. A qualified professional can determine what type of moisture barrier is best for your retaining wall to ensure the quality of your material is not compromised both functionally and esthetically. Let Promier Landscapes be your pro in creating a hardscape for your property.

Constructing hardscapes can entail extensive manual labor and use of machinery and equipment most people do not own. Renting or purchasing the necessary equipment could be costly, not to mention the headache of designing the hardscape layout. Promier Landscapes is diverse in experience from design, layout, estimating for quantities of materials, and can handle all the hard work involved in constructing hardscapes. Promier Landscapes is confident you will be more than satisfied with our end result, giving you years of enjoyment without ever having to leave your home

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