Testimonial and Reviews

They have my highest recommendation.

“I hired Promier to renovate our home's landscaping, install an irrigation system, install low voltage lighting, and address some grading issues.  Prior to selecting them I met with over a dozen other companies in this area.  Promier was far and away the most professional company I dealt with.  They were not the cheapest alternative (nor were they the most expensive), but given that the work to be done would be seen by so many people, we wanted it done right.  We viewed this as an investment in our home, but we also didn't want to overpay.  I had companies give me quotes that were so low, I knew they couldn't deliver quality at that price point.  I had other companies develop plans that were more focused on trying to sell us a lot of plants or services rather than developing a custom plan that suited our home.

Promier came to our home, met with my wife and I, and spent time going over their proposal in detail.  I appreciated their willingness to answer our questions and incorporate our feedback and special requests.  They changed the plan a few times until we had something that we knew we would like.  Some companies we met with would show us their proposal in person but not let us keep it to review out of fear that we'd take their design elsewhere. Promier wanted us to be comfortable with the work, so they gave us time to review the plan on our own (with our agreement that we wouldn't give their plan to a competitor).

When the team came to do the install, they were very professional.  Every day before they left, they took time to clean up their work and make sure the job site looked presentable.  Even the quality of their equipment and vehicles reinforced to us that they were serious about their work.

When the job was finished, we had questions and a few last minute requests.  They emphasized to us that they wanted us to be fully satisfied, and so they took the time to go over their work with us to make sure we were happy.

Given this review, you might think I'm an investor or owner of the company.  I'm not.  I'm just a consumer who has had far too many experiences with companies that over promise and under deliver. Promier is not that kind of company.  It's such a rare occurrence to find this in companies that I feel that others should know about them.  They have my highest recommendation.”

It turned out so well, that I decided to keep the house and move from my old home!

“I recently purchased a home to flip. It had been empty for three or more years and the yards were virtual jungles. Following tree removal by the power company, I had Randy at Promier come and plan a redo on the yards. He designed a simple but extensive rework of the yards as to stump removal, drainage, slope, burial of roof drains, planting and care of the lawns.

It turned out so well, that I decided to keep the house and move from my old home.

I am looking forward to spring to when the shrubs and foundation plantings can be completed to his plan. Should be great!! Definitely a huge improvement.

I highly recommend Promier.

We will definitely go back to Promier with any future landscaping needs.

We hired Promier to do an irrigation system for our small lawn, and to take care of hiding some unsightly condensation pipes.

We met with and received quotes from a handful of other landscaping companies in the area before deciding on Promier.  They were neither the most nor least expensive, but they were the most responsive and professional.   We were provided with a detailed quote and irrigation plan, and they stayed in touch via email, text, and phone throughout the entire process.  We had contact with Jamie, James, and Randy and all were very helpful and informative.

Although it wasn't part of  the plan, Promier helped us navigate getting the (very reluctant) city to install an irrigation water meter.  The water meter ordeal delayed the irrigation installation to December, but Promier had people working over the weekend to get it completed before the holidays.  They also winterized the system without extra charge.

Shortly after the work was complete we got a call from the owner, Randy, to check on how everything went.  I love when companies do this - really shows that they care about customer satisfaction.  We mentioned that the condensation lines weren't fully buried, and Randy got someone out to take care of it that very week - the week of Christmas.

We will definitely go back to Promier with any future landscaping needs.

These guys are the best I have dealt with.

These guys are the best I have dealt with. They are top notch professionals that focus on detail and customer satisfaction. They completed a project for me in July of this year that began on Jan. 1st included adding a kiddie pool, hardscaping around the existing pool, an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, fencing, audio throughout, lighting and landscape. Randy, Jarrod and the crews that make up this company are the most respectful I have ever been around and even though it was a 7-month project they never wore out their welcome. From start to finish and even after completion follow-up has been wonderful. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone.